Quotes / It's a Small World After All

"I got used to not having him around. Really, he wasn't a nice man. Charismatic, but not nice. It's not like I won't run into him again. The plot, you know."

"On other side of planet [Yoda] is. His eighth cousin twice removed Loda I am. How you expect to find anyone if completely at random you land?"

"No, no! Anything but that!"
— The typical "I Thought It Meant" reaction about this trope.

Avon: I handled the computer analysis for a research project into matter transmission. It was based on a new alloy...
Blake: Aquatar.
Avon: That's right.
Blake: Yes, I worked on that project too.
Avon: Small world.
Blake: Large project.
Blake's 7, "Cygnus Alpha"