Quotes / It Was His Sled

"Alright, film students, are you ready? IT WAS HIS SLED! HAHAHAHA! Now you don't have to sit there for three hours!"

"...and Rosebud was just a sled. Oh no, I didn't spoil it for you, did I?"
Veronica, Veronica Mars

"If you are going to complain about a spoiler that the Master (hehehe) features in "The Keeper of Traken" then tough shit, you're about 30 odd years too late to have a whinge."

"What?! Gandalf comes back?! Dude, why'd you spoil it?"
"Dave, it's been in print for 50 years. It's like me telling you that Hamlet dies at the end of the play."
"Hamlet dies!?"
Dave and Greg, Real Life Comics

Yami: I see. Then the only way to defeat you is to spoil every plot twist in existence, thereby ridding the public of any desire to see your convoluted mess of a movie series!
Arkana: You wouldn't dare!
Yami: Wanna bet? [inhales] Snape kills-
[many spoilers later]
Yami: ...Nicole Kidman is a ghost, and Rosebud is the sled.
Arkana: No! He's spoiling all the best plot twists!

"Spoiler Alert - This article contains spoilers for Harry Potter (Snape kills Dumbledore), Star Wars (Darth Vader is Luke's father), Citizen Kane (it was his sled), The Sixth Sense (Bruce Willis is a ghost) and the dictionary (zyzzyva)."

"Kong?! You don't want me to spoil Kong, a seventy-year-old movie? There's a statute of limitations on this shit, man. [...] Have you seen The Passion yet? Spoiler alert: Jesus dies.''"
Gabe, Penny Arcade

"- So wait!!! The crazy old hobo WAS LUCY!?!?!?!"
"- Yes, and Snape kills Dumbledore. Also, Darth Vader is Luke Skywalker's father."
"- And, appropriately enough, Soylent Green is people."
— Comments to a Sweeney Todd video.

Lucy: What are you watching?
Linus: "Citizen Kane".
Lucy: I've seen it about ten times.
Linus: This is the first time I've ever seen it...
Lucy: "Rosebud" was his sled!
Linus: AAUGH!!

Sideshow Bob: [discussing his murder plan as Walt Warren] I can stand in one state, and fire a gun in the second state; the bullet will travel through the third, hitting you in the fourth, so you'll fall down dead in the fifth! No single act is against any law, but their sum total is the greatest murder since Snape killed Dumbledore!
Bart: Aw, I haven't gotten to that part yet!
Bob: It's a four-year-old book.
Bart: I'm a slow reader.

Cloud87450: Yeah, Super Mario Bros. 2 was actually All Just a Dream!
Chip Cheezum: Whaaaat?
slowbeef: Oh my god, the surprise twist to this twenty-year-old game.

"Is that a spoiler? The story has been out since 490 B.C."
Roger Ebert, discussing a plot point in his review of Clash of the Titans

Harrison: My name... is... Khan
Jeremy: Surprise! But, only if you're four.
CinemaSins, Everything Wrong with Star Trek Into Darkness.