Quotes: It Gets Better


Paul: I have to admit, it's getting better, a little better all the time.
John: It can't get no worse!

Everyone in Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Even God.

On Works

"A story that begins with some crudely drawn panels of a boy wandering around his house, very gradually, achieves liftoff in scope and presentation. As hard as it might be to believe from reading the first few panels, everything in that trailer takes place in the story later on in a meaningful context."

"A movie so fullfilling, you won't remember that the first 25 minutes are actually kind of boring."

"The Last Stand is the tale of two halves. The first half is so painfully dull I got so close to turning the movie off. You see, it takes nearly half the movie to get this ridiculous plot underway. We have to explain how the most notorious drug cartel leader in history escapes from federal custody, escapes road blocks, escapes helicopters, escapes every police agency and the military, and the ONLY person able to stop him is Arnold Schwarzenegger. A killer robot from the future is frankly more plausible after seeing the things the writers pull out of their collective asses. But the worst part is none of it is interesting. We know this is the dirty work of getting the plot underway and there is no chance of the bad guy getting stopped prior to getting to the town so we are just sitting as the movie goes through the motions."

"Is there much to say here? Itís brilliant. It demonstrates how vitally important good writers are to the series. It demonstrates how vitally important good actors are to the series. It demonstrates how vitally important good directors are to the series. And it makes it crushingly, brutally, awfully apparent how rarely the Davison era actually had all three."

"We mused at the irony of the fact that the first two years of Enterprise blew the big one, and now, they've started paying attention to the mythos, looked into what the viewers really want, and the show is entering its finest period. Season three? Eh. Season four... it's really getting better.

We've been watching
Smallville and Enterprise concurrently since both began, they're the only dramas I watch, and they are cyclical and opposites in quality. Enterprise just got cancelled. Smallville is chugging along... Strange, how people will flock to the show that is sinking and abandon others just as they get good."

"It astonishes me that it has taken this long for this episode to be told, and that is because the first season was far too obsessed with Gwen and her journey with Torchwood to worry too much about how the others were brought into the fold. That is rectified brilliantly here. If this had been the first episode it would have salvaged so much of the first season, it shows all the characters at their best and explains an awful lot about why they are how they are. Something I was completely in the dark about in the debut year as they behaved so appallingly...Some of my strongest grievances about the show are addressed; Jack's melodrama, the Pterodactyl, Cyberwoman, Owen's bastard behaviour...[Chris] Chibnall has taken a look at what hasn't worked in the first two seasons and sought to give it an explanation."

"After a few binge-watching sessions, I can confirm thereís truth to what youíve heard. The show does pick up a lot in the episodes leading up to and immediately following the release of Captain America: The Winter Soldier. It eventually gets close to what it should have been from the start: an Alias-type espionage saga full of double-crossings and triple-crossings where our main characters never really know who to trust. In retrospect, itís clear all the boring episodes were a stall tactic, as the showrunners were forced to wait for the big HYDRA plot twist of Winter Soldier to unfold so they could fully kick things into gear...But the worst part of the sudden improvement of Agents of SHIELD is how it lends more credence to the insidious myth that every TV show needs a full season (or more) to find its footing. Which then feeds into a constant game of lowered expectations where we tell ourselves that the first few months of a TV show have to be boring. They donít. I can think of plenty of shows, like 24, The Shield, The Sopranos, LOST, and Heroes that hit the ground running and gave us strong first seasons. (Whether or not they kept up that level of quality for the rest of their runs is another story, but it does prove that itís possible to be entertaining from episode one.)"

"I'm stuck in this town called Hollow Bastion.note  And I'm not even the main character — I'm Roxas. The main character's Sora, and I keep having dreams about the main character. Meanwhile, Tony Soprano's in a coma... there's no instant gratification. I'm gettin' a little bored, but my friends are like Keep playin', keep playin'! Eventually Disney characters are comin' out of every orifice! It's awesome, just stick with it! So I do, and I go to the bulletin board, and I look at all the jobs, and I do all the errands, and I get enough money to buy a train ticket, to get on the dope ass Disney train to go to the fun fucking part of the game! That's bullshit! It took me like 4 years! I didn't see so much as a Sebastian the Crab for like a hundred millennia!"
M.C. Chris on Kingdom Hearts II