Quotes / Is This Thing Still On?

Tom Tucker: Well Diane, that last report was so good I think you deserve a spanking.
Diane: Oh Tom, I don't think your wife would appreciate that.
Tom: Haha, that frigid old cow lives in Quahog! She can't hear a word I'm saying.
Camera Guy: Actually, we're back on the air in Quahog.

Robotnik: IIIIIIIII HAAAAAATTTTTEEEEEEE THAAAAAAAAAAAT HEEEEEEEEEDGEHOOOOOOGGGG!!! I hate him! I hate him! How am I supposed to turn Mobians into slaves if he keeps ruining all my plans?
Sonic: Too bad, blubber-belly! You just told that to ALL of Mobius!
Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog, "Sonic Gets Thrashed"

Mr. Random: Look at them. Enjoying their triumph. "Ooh, we're so happy! We saved Klimpaloon! Let's all sing!" Well, enjoy it now, because I will get my hands on Klimpaloon! I'll unravel his secret, even if I have to rip him apart, stitch by stitch and then, the moronic people of the world will beat a path to my door, and beg for my cheap Klimpaloon knockoff line, 'cause consumers are just like lemmings, brainless little animals that I can manipulate right off the fiscal cliff like the puppet master that I am! ...Was that thing on?
Audience: Yes, yes it was.
Mr. Random: My career's over, isn't it?
Audience: Yes, yes it is.
Phineas and Ferb, "The Klimpaloon Ultimatum"

Kryten: Weíve found something, sir.
Lister: What is it?
Kryten: I think itís one of the crew. A malformed triple-headed skeleton with putrefied flesh hanging from it. It fell through Rimmer as we opened the lift door.
Lister: Is he alright?
Kryten: I think heís just discovered what shirt-tails are for.
Rimmer: Alright Kryten, you donít have to make me sound like a completely cowardly gimboy git. Iím fine now.
Kryten: So should I cancel the order to find your mother?
Rimmer: Is that thing still on?

Gwen: What I'm trying to tell you is, you ARE still on with him.
Jason: I gave you the "kill" gesture!
Gwen: No! You gave me the "we're dead" signal! I was agreeing with you!
Sarras: Perhaps I am not as stupid as I am ugly, Commander!

Good morning, students and faculty. If I could have your attention, please. As you may or may not know, Principal Campbell will not be here for the rest of the week, due to a throat infection. Leaving me, Assistant Principal Dunbar as the school's lone administrator for the next few days. Though the polices set forth by Principal Campbell will remain the same, there will be some additional regulations you must also follow. Number One: Smoking outside the administration building will only be allowed during lunch periods. Number Two: The girls' showering facilities will moved from the locker room into my inner office, where I can watch the girls wash their breasts and buttocks while I play with myself. Number Three: While showering, none of the girls will be allowed to snicker or laugh at the size of my genitalia. Eye contact with me is also prohibited. Number Four: Girls are encouraged to wash each other freely as I build towards orgasm. Number Five: While I am ejaculating, the boys gymnastic team must undress each other, spread eagle in front of me and satisfy each other orally until I have completed ejaculating. Finally, Rule Number Six: Any student caught writing graffiti or defacing school property will be automatically suspended, unless they are masturbating. If you have any questions about these new regulations, I will be in my office spanking it with a thumb up my ass. Good day.
Assistant Principal Dunbar from Adam Sandler's Assistant Principal's Big Day