Quotes: Is This Thing Still On?

Tom Tucker: Well Diane, that last report was so good I think you deserve a spanking.
Diane: Oh Tom, I don't think your wife would appreciate that.
Tom: Haha, that frigid old cow lives in Quahog! She can't hear a word I'm saying.
Camera Guy: Actually, we're back on the air in Quahog.

Kryten: Weíve found something, sir.
Lister: What is it?
Kryten: I think itís one of the crew. A malformed triple-headed skeleton with putrefied flesh hanging from it. It fell through Rimmer as we opened the lift door.
Lister: Is he alright?
Kryten: I think heís just discovered what shirt-tails are for.
Rimmer: Alright Kryten, you donít have to make me sound like a completely cowardly gimboy git. Iím fine now.
Kryten: So should I cancel the order to find your mother?
Rimmer: Is that thing still on?