Quotes / Intrepid Reporter

Dilbert: What makes you qualified to be a reporter?
Dogbert: I'm willing to violate anyone's privacy for my personal gain and then claim with a straight face that the public has a right to know.

"If I killed all the reporters, there'd be news from Hell before breakfast."
Civil War General William Tecumseh Sherman, on the reporters (whom he likened to spies) who would sneak into camp, interview loose-tongued soldiers, then publish secret information.

The Will: I'm impressed. I had an actual piece of this ship and a bloodhound to follow the scent... but we still nearly got beat here by the infamous Doff and Upsher.
Upsher: It's Upsher and Doff, motherfucker! Writers get first byline!

Jimmy Olsen: And I'm gonna get closer to whatever's messing up downtown.
Random Rescued Kid: What?! Why?
Jimmy: So I can take a picture of it.