Quotes / Interspecies Romance

"That's very funny, a fly marrying a bumblebee! I told you I'd shoot! But you didn't believe me! Why didn't you believe me?!"
Stinky Wizzleteats, The Ren & Stimpy Show ("Stimpy's Invention")

224. I cannot insinuate elf chicks are all easy, even though you never hear about a half gnome do you?

"Me? In love with a pig? Haha! Wait 'til I tell the guys in marketing! Hahahahaha! Maybe you expected me to go HOG-wild? Hahahaha! Perhaps you could bring home the BACON! Ha, hahahaha! Ahhh, the sounds of love: Su-EEEEE! Oink, oink!"
Kermit the Frog, The Muppets Take Manhattan

"Now let the turtle and the dove,
Let the lion and the lamb,
Let the owl and wolf and ram embrace
Across the countryside.
Fur and feathers, Makin' love;
Paws and claws and jaws and beaks,
Let the song go on for weeks and weeks,
To bless this boy and bless this bride."
Children, Children, from Bat Boy: The Musical.

"Arihiko-san, I'm a spirit. It would be best to not have such wicked thoughts..."
"Don't worry, it's all about gaining experience."
'Well, it's definitely my first time with bestiality,' I add.
"———! Hya, Arihiko-san, as a master, you make me defend against too many things—!"
Kagetsu Tohya, Tsukihime

Let me get this straight: Your species can mate with anyone?

"Turians based on dextro-amino acids. Human ingestion of tissue could provoke allergic reactions. Anaphylactic shock possible, so don't....(ahem) ingest."
Mordin Solus, Mass Effect 2 on the quote below.

"It'll either be a night to treasure, or a horrible interspecies-awkwardness thing....in which case, fighting the Collectors will be a welcome distraction. So, you know, a win either way."
Garrus Vakarian, Mass Effect 2

Mating between species. A pointless exercise.
Javik, Mass Effect 3

"They're gonna make a snadger!"
Mabel, Gravity Falls

Fenris: I'm an escaped slave, and an elf, living in a borrowed mansion. None of those things bother you?
Hawke: And I'm an apostate refugee / a refugee as well as a human. Does that bother you?
Fenris: You have me there.

Every time you do it, you make the ghost of H.P. Lovecraft cry.
The Internet

Anyone that has truck with the extraterrestrial goes into the vats!
Torquemada, Nemesis the Warlock

Human: Hey elf, you look like a girl.
Elf: To a human, everything must look like a girl.
Human: What?
Elf: Half-orcs, half-ogres...
Human: ...shut up.
Dwarf: Half-dragons, half-kobolds.
Human: I said shut up!
Elf: ...
Dwarf: ...
Human: ...
Elf: Centaurs...
Anonymous Troper on Dungeons & Dragons

Florence: I'm trying to proceed cautiously.
Niomi: Listen, if you've found a Bowman's Wolf you like, go for it!
Florence: Winston is human.
Niomi: Proceed very cautiously.

She really is very dog-like. In Star Trek, Captain Kirk would travel to new star systems and meet independently evolved women who were more human-compatible than this person who evolved on my home planet. She's also smart, nice, brave, and accepts me the way I am. Even if things don't go past a certain point physically, she's still someone I'd want to spend my life with and help raise her kids. Captain Kirk never had these problems. On the other hand, Captain Kirk never got this lucky.
Winston, Freefall

"What an interesting first union that must have been! Hahaha! I admire man's ability to see beauty in everything!"
Coyote, Gunnerkrigg Court explaining to Antimony that she's part fire elemental

They'll say you're an animal,
But I say you're a mammal just like me.

"Instead of rooting for these star-crossed lovers to overcome the odds and unite their people I found myself wondering if it was even ethical or right for a lizard-man and a dragonfly-lady to knock boots. Should people from different species get married or have sex? Is a union between a lizard-man and a dragonfly-lady like me dating a Catholic girl or a Shetland pony announcing its engagement to a bumblebee?"
Nathan Rabin, My Year of Flops: Delgo

"You think I might find happiness in the animal kingdom, Ducky?"
Beverly to the title character of the movie Howard the Duck

" I'll be honest with you, I've seen stranger couplings but not usually on earth. And definitely not with bipeds."
Starfire, The Outsiders, after walking in on Shift (clone of Metamorpho, human turned Elemental Shapeshifter) and Indigo (gynoid and Opposite-Sex Clone of Brainiac 8) about to have sex.

Steve: Oh, come on guys! It's not so bad here! I kinda like it here. I even met my girlfriend.
(Pan right to reveal said girlfriend is a Dino Rhino.)
Jeff: Woof!
Steve: And we even had a baby. (Pan over to Dino-Piranha) Look how big he is!
Hal: What the hell?! How did you even do that?!
Steve: I don't know. I was drunk and in love!
Bowser's Kingdom episode 8

"She is a cat," he thought. "That's all she is—a cat!"
But that was not how his mind saw her—quick beyond all dreams of speed, sharp, clever, unbelievably graceful, beautiful, wordless and undemanding.
Where would he ever find a woman who could compare with her?

"Mice and sea lions don't mix, except perhaps in a Disney film."

"G'Kar likes women, no matter the size...shape...species..."

Eddie: She's married to Roger Rabbit?
Betty: Yeah, what a lucky goil.

"It doesn't matter if [Nadeshiko]'s slime or human. I like what I like!"
Gentaro Kisaragi, Kamen Rider Fourze & OOO: Movie War Megamax

"Turtles and cats together!? That's not right!"
Widow Hutchison, Rocko's Modern Life, "The Big Question"

In the tiny lifeboat, she and the alien fuck endlessly, relentlessly.
— Opening sentence of Spar by Kij Johnson.

Good evening. I'm a lizard woman from the dawn of time, and this is my wife.
Madam Vastra, Doctor Who

"Into the elevator, Mr. Schlock. Let's beam down to the planet's surface so I can find an alien to fall in love with before the program is over."
Captain Jirk, Stardrek

no homo" says the boy cuddling next to you. You figure he means he isn’t homosexual. It never grazed your mind he may be stating he isn’t a homosapien [sic]. That was a very big mistake on your part.
squided, Tumblr

I don't know how we'd reproduce, but we'll have a great time figuring it out!" [waggles eyebrows]
Slug!Milhouse in Lisa's dream, The Simpsons, "The Girl Who Slept Too Little."