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Quotes: Insufficiently Advanced Alien
How can one made OF electricity know so little ABOUT electricity?

I dunno. Is asking the alien who just lawn-darted a starship for technical help unwise?
Vexxarr himself

How advanced is an alien race that can't handle a little water balloon? I don't even feel good about winning this fight.
Dib, Invader Zim

You have intergalactic starships, but you don't have Goddamned pants? How does a civilization's evolution just skip over that part?

Bart: Hey! That's just Pong. Get with the times man.
Homer: Marge and I played that old game before we were married.
Kang: Well, we did build this spaceship, you know.
Kodos: Anyone from a species that has mastered intergalactic travel raise your hand.
The Simpsons, "Treehouse of Horror"

Ruth: "I asked if you thought it was odd that the aliens were so... backwards, I think. No plasma guns or force fields, only assault rifles and tanks."
Naomi: "Yeah, it is weird. You'd expect them to be superior to us. But you know what? I like the little fuckers better the way they are. We have enough of them already."
Naomi Cohen and Ruth Meyer, former IDF conscripts fighting in Brazil while discussing the technology gap between Humans and The Race invaders in Worldwar: War of Equals.

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