Quotes / Instant Costume Change

Suzune: What the hell is with that uniform anyway?
AG: Geneon automatically makes a uniform for its pilots based on their inner voice. Hibiki's turned into a badass warrior suit because that's what he was calling for inside. So, what did yours turn into?
Suzune: ...never mind.
Super Robot Wars Z3: Jigoku-Hen

Green Lantern: That ring with your costume in it, do you put your regular clothes in there when you change?
Flash: Yep. Flash suit out, I get naked, regular suit in, Flash suit on.
Green Lantern: What was the second thing?
Flash: Get naked.
Green Lantern: So every time you change you get naked in front of everyone?
Flash: Only for a microsecond.
Green Lantern: Can't Superman see you moving at Super Speed?
Flash: Oh yeah. He's seen EVERYTHING.