Quotes / Inspector Spacetime

Constable: Blimey, Inspector, where have we wound up this time?
The Inspector: The question, Constable, isn't where... but when!
Constable: Inspector! Look Out! Blorgons!
Blorgons: Eradicate! Eradicate!

Constable: Those Blorgons nearly peppered our biscuits. We got out just in time.
The Inspector: More accurately, Constable, we got out just in space.
Constable: Well, I certainly walked right into that one, didn't I, Inspector?

The Inspector: Happy Time Day, Reggie. It is a tradition to give one's Constable a gift at the end of each orbital cycle.
Constable: Thank you, Inspector. Blimey, a hologram. Let's activate it and view the performance.

Various characters: What are you doing?
The Inspector: Jumping jacks. Wondrous invention. Help to oxygenate the limbs. No heart, you see.

Brooke Rhapsody: Hi, honey.

Brooke Rhapsody: Future secrets!

The Unknown Inspector: I fight the good fight. I made my choice! A new alias to combat chaos and insanity!
The Eleventh Inspector: And look what you sacrificed for it. You abandoned the alias of the Inspector!

Whole-Stern-Woman: No... I'm here?
Sonny: So you understand where you've gone? There's nothing to see. You blew it. The Snake Pit. Farewell... from Hell!