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Quotes: Innocent Fanservice Girl
"I always take [the life module] off here because I want to be comfortable when the barber's working. To be perfectly honest, I'd like to take off everything — but if I came here to get my haircut naked I'd probably get scolded, don't you think?"
Quon, RahXephon

Altaira: [swimming in a pool] Come on in.
John: I didn't bring my bathing suit.
Altaira: What's a bathing suit?
John: [quickly turning his back] Oh, murder!

Chris: Magneto tells her that he likes her better blue, and then talks about how you shouldn’t make tigers put on clothes because he likes looking at them naked. It is a pretty weird seduction, but by X-Men standards, it doesn’t even come close to your average Gambit/Rogue scene.
Matt: It’s just like, “Hey, the rest of us, we all wear clothes, but you’re like a tiger, so don’t.
Chris: Yeah, it kind of raises the question about why Magneto doesn’t just walk around naked himself, since black turtlenecks are not part of his natural form, but I think we can just go ahead and file all of this under “He wants to see Hunger Games naked.”
Chris Sims and Matt Wilson on X-Men: First Class

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