Quotes: Ink Stain Adaptation

It commits the biggest crime any adaptation could: it made me question whether or not the material it was adapting was that damn great to begin with.

It does really go against almost everything represented in the book, and thoroughly soils the title with its badness. It's got no jumping mechs— the trademark weapon of the Federation's Mobile Infantry, the characters are all wrong, and so on... you have to realize that these fans were completely betrayed by this movie. You can't just steal a title from an established story and discard the story. You have to at least try and involve the source material here. These fans got hit with a bait-and-switch. It's like going into a movie called Moby Dick and suddenly being blindsided with 90 minutes of David Arquette and Carrot Top chasing a whale around on jet skis, shouting their collect call telephone plan jingles at each other. You can name Arquette's character Queequeg if you like, you're still going to piss people off.

Shyamalan's true achievement in this film is that he takes a thrilling cult TV series, Avatar: The Last Airbender, and he systematically leaches all the personality and soul out of it.
Charlie Jane Anders on The Last Airbender

I wish Donatello was a more defined character. There are moments where a first-draft version of him seems to come through, like how he is good at Trivial Pursuit, but a lot of times he just comes off as Mikey 2. I feel strongly that his character was rewritten because Corey Feldman played him.
ComicsAlliance on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Sandy Duncan was America's Sweetheart back when we still had those. She taught us that Wheat Thins were baked and not fried and explained to the Six Million Dollar Man why Bigfoot was always fucking with him. She was a spritely and theatrical singer and actress who performed Peter Pan on Broadway for so many years that you can't even wear that costume in public anymore without looking like a pussy.

David: Relief.
Chris: Itís over. But at what cost? ...Donít get me wrong, I donít think itís going to hurt the idea of Superman or anything. If nothing else, Nick Spencerís use of Chloe Sullivan in the Jimmy Olsen comic has shown that you can do like Outkast said and make a fat diamond out of dusty coal.. But I do think itís weird that for a decade, this is whatís been sold to the public at large as the Worldís Greatest Super-Hero.
David: Honestly, I just donít think the public at large even remembers the showís on. Thatís the response Iíve gotten from most people.
Chris: The public at large also doesnít know they still print comic books.
David: Touche.
—Chris Sims and David Uzumeri on Smallville ("Finale")

When the day of judgment gets off its ass and comes around, having been postponing itself now for 1943 years longer than The Last Dangerous Visions, Arnold Schwarzenegger will find himself being judged not for his mismanagement of the California state budget, but rather for his role in neutering Conan the Barbarian from his classic original form into a generic 80s wisecracking action hero.

So the English dub...*sigh* I don't think I have the writing skills to express how much I hate it. And I don't hate it because it's a terrible, rage-inducing 'adaptation,' and I don't hate it because the Japanese version is vastly superior in every conceivable way. I hate it is because this poorly acted, poorly written, poorly scored piece of crap is what people associate with Mewtwo Strikes Back. They think of hypocritical morals and 'Brother My Brother' and lame jokes and a music score that's just there and bland voice acting and think that what they see in the dub is all there is to this movie. I mean, I look at what all those film critics say about the movie back then and am shaking my head because, while they do have some valid complaints here and there, a large majority of the faults they find with the movie aren't there in the original version of the film. 'You didn't see the real movie!' I think to myself. 'You saw the 4Kids One Piece dub of the Pokťmon franchise.'
Dogasu, on the English dub of Pokťmon The First Movie: Mewtwo Strikes Back.