Quotes: Informed Flaw

"Symphony of the Night's instruction manual and cutscenes tell us that Alucard is Dracula's son — and therefore a vampire — but virtually nothing occurs to support this while the player is holding the controller. Alucard might just as well be some kind of wizard, or otherwise fueled entirely by video game bishygoff magic. We are told that he feels a great deal of personal conflict about his vampiric nature, but this stuff is limited strictly to Symphony's non-interactive blah blah blah I've come to put an end to this blah segments. When it's game on, the player experiences none of this conflict himself, nor is he ever made aware of the subject of Alucard's internal struggle. Moreover, Alucard is popularly regarded as an anti-hero, which is a little silly and not at all correct. So he is a vampire (ostensibly, anyway) fighting against demons. Okay. Do any of his actions in the game or his interactions with the rest of Symphony's cast suggest any conspicuous flaws in his character? Does he commit unjust acts for the sake of a greater good? Can he be best defined by a striking deficiency of one primary virtue, or otherwise by some fatal moral failing? Or is he really just a typical goodguy hero who happens to dress like a badguy villain? "
Pat R. on Legacy of Kain: Blood Omen