Quotes / Informed Ability

The script tries to paint Michael as some mad genius killer and his lawyer is some smooth femme fatale. Michael’s brilliant plan involves kidnapping a family for SEVERAL DAYS and hoping no one notices this. This almost reaches the level of a British farce the number of people that show up and the larger this kidnapping plot goes on. First it is just the wife, then the husband (Anthony Hopkins) shows up, then the son, then the daughter, then the boyfriend of the daughter, then the water heater repairman, then the real estate agent! No I am not kidding! Then we have the brilliant lawyer who can supposedly fool everyone. That is until the cops decide to follow her until she leads them to Michael. And this is not subtle following either. They are following her in cars with lights and sirens and a plane overhead and she is still so rock stupid as to call Michael and continue to the house!
Miles Antwiler on Desperate Hours (1990)

He's meant to be the ultimate unarmed combatant and the only people he punches in the entire movie are a chained-up secretary and an unborn fetus. This is actually smart since he appears to have mistakenly received all his martial arts training from a sign-language instructor. They use every trick they can to make him look threatening, from perspective shots to (I wish I was kidding) playing an actual tiger sound effect every time he does anything, but it's still about as threatening as a cuddle party.

Mike: Khan isn't very smart.
Rich: To be fair, Khan's not very smart in The Wrath of Khan, either...In the original "Space Seed", Kirk just beats Khan up at the end. He takes a club and he just starts hitting Khan.

It would have been great if we saw Lois and she was just like, the most un-curious person ever. Like, meteor showers happen and someone gets shot in front of her face, and she’s like “eh.” and keeps eating popcorn and watching TV.
—Chris Sims and David Uzumeri on Smallville ("Collateral")

It angered me and my interest in Green Arrow is limited to Smallville and the last line of Justice League cartoons. I never purchased a Green Arrow comic in my life but I care enough about the character to find this scene so insulting and aggravating that I just wanted to scream. Actually I did scream which caused me to get a dirty look from the wife but she agreed that it was a bad scene. To make it worse she demasked him in a kung-fu fight. Come on. Lana Lang vs. Green Arrow and she kicks the tar out of him? Give me a break.
Douglas Trumble on Smallville ("Bride")

"In case you haven't noticed, John is even worse at psychiatry than Trilby is at stealing. Spoiler alert: There is not a single instance in the entire series of a protagonist actually demonstrating a skill we're supposed to believe they have."