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Quotes: Infant Immortality
Deadpool: Kill any babies this week, T-Ray?
T-Ray: Only ugly ones.

"Their bodies just completely "turned into energy", yeeeah. You realize that if you did that, a small child would have enough energy to equal... a 500 megaton bomb? But then again, did you really expect Voyager to have the balls to show dead children? Hell no. No, no, they just vanish away and leave behind the fresh scent of pine."
SFDebris, "Innocent" (Star Trek: Voyager)

The Dark Id: How do children always live through town ravaging waves of murder and death? Did nobody get the memo about 99% of children being dumb fuck-ups that often cannot, in fact, tie their own shoes?
Dirge of Cerebus Let's Play

Scott: You can gib a child with one stroke of the nanosword!
Chris: Thatís because children have fewer hit points. They are inferior and weak.
Deus Ex Devs

[Alex sees a crying baby upon boarding the plane]
George: That's a good sign. Younger, the better. It'd be a fucked up God to take down this plane.
[they see a mental patient in the front row]
George: A really fucked up God.

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