Quotes / Ineffectual Sympathetic Villain

"Funny, how some movies will seduce you into their stories while others remain at arm's length. Titanic was just as artificial and effects-driven as Hard Rain, and yet I was spellbound. Maybe it was because the people on the doomed ship had no choice: The Titanic was sinking, and that was that.

Hard Rain, there is a bad guy (Morgan Freeman) who has a choice. He wants to steal some money, but all during the film I kept wondering why he didn't just give up and head for dry ground. How much of this ordeal was he foolish enough to put up with? Water, cold, rain, electrocutions, murders, shotguns, jet-ski attacks, drownings, betrayals, collisions, leaky boats, stupid and incompetent partners, and your fingertips shrivel up. Is it worth it?"

"Spike, I don't know what upsets me more; that you deliberately tried to set up Owlowiscious, or that you actually thought this pathetic attempt would work!"

"I don't know whether we should pound him or buy him an ice cream cone."

Catherine: I donít get why Traitorous was so popular. I mean, he betrayed pretty much everyone that ever dealt with him.
Ratface: Admittedly he was quite insane. But as far as Dread Emperors go he was one of the better ones.
Catherine: I donít recall him actually accomplishing anything. And after something like the War of Thirteen Tyrants and One there must have been a lot of rebuilding to do.
Hakram: Itís the same reason westerners are fond of Bards. He was hilariously ineffective.

"There's this guy, Pete, who's been going around plotting with The Heartless, but he's not smart enough to tie his own shoes."