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Welcome to my quote page! The quotes are divided into a "sleep-deprived" and "not sleep-deprived section". In the "sleep-deprived" section we have the crazy shit I've said while sleep-deprived and also mentions of me being sleep-deprieved. In the "not sleep-deprived" section, we have quotes that were sigged, funny and/or awesome troper quotes and hilarious conversations. Please enjoy.


NOTE: I don't recall anything I've said while sleep-deprived

    Things I've said while sleep-deprived 

Can't sleeeeeeeep.
La la la la la la la la
Raindrops on roses soft little kittens
Da da da da da da da da
These are a few of my favorite things!
I wonder if turtles can flllllllly
I wonder if peaches can be filled with magical fairy dust
Then throw it... then it explodes
The wankers wank
i cant fdshfduis;
—Facebook messages sent to Peaceful Apocalypse

"is thus the real lief, ks iit just fantsay
call si a landislepe no esca;r frpm realisty
open uour eyes look up o the skyes ans seeeeeee
im just aopooe boy i need no sumbpathy"

Indigo12ash: And here I am, almost six in the morning and still awake.
Libris Dedita: Sleep, woman.
Peaceful Apocalypse: Sleep!
Indigo12ash: I'm not tired and you can still read my tping!
That One Guy Named X: Sleep. Also, morning, fags. How are you all?
Indigo12ash: Totally coherant!
That One Guy Named X: Sure. And my middle name's Clarence.
Indigo12ash: I haven't gone crazy! Belive me!
That One Guy Named X: You were always crazy, but that's okay, that's what we like about you <3
Morgikit: I think I managed about 4 hours sleep last night.
Indigo12ash: I haven't made any outlandish pasts yest!
Telcontar: That post kind of defeats itself. I am in full agreement with X, though.
Indigo12ash: ...well fuck. But who needs sleep! I DON"T! SLEEP FOR THW WEEK!
That One Guy Named X: Go to sleep, Indie. You're drunk.
Morgikit: I'm in agreement with Tel's agreement with X.
kay4today: It's not like Indigo is still a small child. :P If she says she doesn't want to go to sleep, leave her be!
That One Guy Named X: Do I need to put on my dad outfit, then?
Indigo12ash: I dong frinkg! Totally sover!
kay4today: Aren't we all sover?
Indigo12ash: I am soger! With a B1 A B1
That One Guy Named X: Indi, go to sleeeeeeeep
kay4today: You go to sleep, X!
Indigo12ash: What if I don't want o tgo to sleep! I can trype just fine!
Morgikit: I'm gonna spend all day wondering what a B1 a B1 is.
Telcontar: What a load of (strike: trype) tripe.
Indigo12ash: Im not ficking drunk!
asterism: Sleep. Now. Or so help me I will track you down and start drugging your food to ensure you get a healthy amount of sleep. Staying awake until the only way you can type is slumping on the keyboard is not healthy.
Diurnal Brocolli: Morning, everyone!
That One Guy Named X: Indie, go to sleep. Even if you're not drunk you clearly need to make your sleep schedule not terrible.
Indigo12ash: goox niht evehyone.
That One Guy Named X: Goox niht to you too, Indie.
Osloki: This is gold. It made me laugh my ass off. Thank you, Indie.

Indigo12ash: Did soemnte sai boons? I loooooce vooobs.
TParadox: Go home, Indi. You're drunk.
Indigo12ash: I an jome. Nor drink. I dont drunk.
TParadox: Your fingers are drunk. Go to bed.
Indigo12ash: O hacr ni clue whay yoi meab,
TParadox: [XD smiley]
Indigo12ash: wht wouldm be loke to fick am cjick? i loke gjd nooobies.
TParadox: I can't even understand that one. Are you typing with your forehead?
Indigo12ash: i tyrpe con mi dedos
Mr Mallard: And now she's speaking Spanish.
Volatile Chills: What is this I don't even. o.O
Pyrite: Sleep deprivation. *grabs popcorn* Remember to save the quotes and put them on her Quotes page later.
Indigo12ash: is here sucj thinf as a 4775.9 ling pwnis/
— A fun night in at The Nunnery

    Mentions of me being sleep-deprived 

Inhopelessguy: And now you have an awesome girlfriend who writes the funniest sleep-deprived posts ever.
Peaceful Apocalypse: Dear God, thank God she can't drink yet.
Sixthhokage1: Now I imagine that would lead to some hilarious posts o3o
—Conversation in Romance

Indigo12ash: Hey! I can be sane!
asterism: With the evidence I have at hand, I am going to have to disagree with that statement.
Poisonarrow: I just get more flaming and cuddly with tiredness. Lol
Indigo12ash: Wait a sec, it's been almost a week since that one night where I went a bit "wonky".
Replica: Some people handle sleep deprivation better than others, although we all need some degree of sleep eventually.
Ten Tails Beast: Hehe, yeah, totally. xP You prove on a daily basis now how sane you are when sleep deprived.
Whowho: I don't get mentally tired without meds. Which means I can be physically exhausted from days without sleep, but still completely perky. I'll be hallucinating to the worst degree though from lack of REM sleep.
Indigo12ash: Daily basis?! *sigh* What did I do this time?
Peaceful Apocalypse: -rolls eyes-
Indigo12ash: ....what?! I didn't do anything too insane.... right?
Libris Dedita: Go look, silly. :P
Peaceful Apocalypse: Quote from our Facebook conversation this morning: "goszilla ia a dinkey"
Indigo12ash: ...... Oh.
Peaceful Apocalypse: I think my reaction was something like this: O_o
Indigo12ash: I think this makes you glad I'm not allowed to drink. >_>
Peaceful Apocalypse: I'm also very glad you don't do drugs. THAT would be bad.

Not Sleep-deprived

    Quotes by me that were sigged by tropers 

"Ugh, dear internet, not every autistic is a savant like the Rain Man. Thanks."

"That feel when you have the best girlfriend ever."

    Quotes by tropers that were sigged by me 

"People don't make sense. Especially about sex. But that's hardly news, is it?"
Troper: Madrugada
Thread: The Nunnery

"Dear God, thank God [Indi] can't drink yet."
Troper: Peaceful Apocalypse
Thread: Romance

Troper: Nerd Bird
Thread: Troper Shipping and Troper Dating Service

    Quotes said by tropers 

"Oh, Nebuchadnezzar in a nightie, I just did it again, didn't I?"
Troper: Madrugada
Thread: The Nunnery

"There's half a Subway sandwich between us in height."
Troper: Peaceful Apocalypse
Thread: (n/a)

"Women can be beautiful without fake breasts and hooker makeup, dear."
Troper: Poisonarrow
Thread: The Nunnery

"And as much as it sucks epic, epic amounts of cock, I mean, serious, pay-per-view levels of dicksucking going on there, transitioning isn't always perfect."

"Pocky wants to go into ballistics and such? I can definitely see her as a recurring character on a police drama. She's the tech from the Ballistics department who shows up periodically to tell the detectives what they've figured out from the crime scene. Eventually her character starts being expanded upon, and we learn that in her home life she's a Broken Bird recovering from her traumatic past with the help of her loving girlfriend."

"Not a big fan of the whole "say my name" thing. I mean...agree vigorously, swear creatively, get religion or just moan. If you can craft a cohesive sentence while we're fucking I'm clearly not doing my job right."

"I don't murder. I forcefully end lives."

"Water is basically oxygen having a threesome with twin hydrogens."

"Welcome to the internet, where men are men, women are men, and children are the FBI."

"On a scale from North Korea to America, how free are you?"

"Welcome to Yack Fest: Where threads devolve into the Nunnery and the Nunnery devolves into a beige paste."
Troper: Phoenixor
Thread: Photos

"I bet the song "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" is about Taylor Swift's legs."
Troper: Peaceful Apocalypse
Thread: Romance

"I donate blood regularly. It's not mine, but it's the thought that counts, right?"

"BREAKING NEWS: A javelin is somehow making its way across the Atlantic from Britain headed for Texas"

"Real Life sucks. The controls are all weird, the tutorial's way too fucking long, there's no class balance and all the dinosaurs are dead."

"Pocky and Indi could give a box of kittens diabetes."

    Hilarious conversations 

Best Of: Yeah, the clock says "arrive at a conclusion and do what you decided to do or this thread will be locked with no further action taken." The point is to drive people to not abandon discussions they've started/participated in in TRS or IP. This thread is not supposed to have a clock; it's there by accident, and I'm probably the one at fault. Anyway, don't worry about it.
lu 127: You have my permission to eat him, Wooser. It'll be my New Year's gift.
They Call Me Tomu: (I actually have a birthday coming up in the next few weeks too~)
deathpigeon: How old will you be turning? 5?
They Call Me Tomu: Dude, that was totally uncalled for.
deathpigeon: I'm sorry, sensei. So how old are you turning? 110?
They Call Me Tomu: That better not be binary! >:/
Best Of: I'd rather be turning 6 than 110...
—Conversation in Absent people

cutewithoutthe: Anyways, a question to the Brits in the thread; when you picture America, what's the first image that comes to your mind, weatherwise and landwise?
Peaceful Apocalypse: (strike: Indi) Eagles.
Phoenixor: (strike: Pdam) Eagles. Totally.
—Conversation in A single unified conversation

Indigo12ashnote : Soooooo sleepy.
Irene: -turns off Indigo- Night.
Indigo12ash: Weird thing is that I'm debating whether to go to bed or not.
Kami 4: @Indigo Do you have to be up tommorow or not? For me, no, so I'm staying up!
That One Guy Named X: You should probably head to bed, Indie.
Indigo12ash: Naaaaah, I don't feel like going to sleeeeeep.
Irene: I thought I turned you off, Indy. Not on.
Immi: Punny.
Indigo12ash: ...no wonder Pigey ships us in his chart.
TParadox: If Indi were turned on, that might ultimately help her get sleepy.
Indigo12ash: I'm not your gameboy. (white text: Please tell me I'm not the only one who knows that song.)
Irene: If you want to turn her on, give her some sweet Pocky.
T Paradox: I wasn't talking about running down batteries.

Diurnal Brocolli: Well... Here are some title names for various shipping stories:
Social Link: When two fellow Persona fans meet, their love life will rank up. Pho / PDAM
Buneary and the Broc: After another Troper announced she found love, Broc is a bit sad. Will a certain bunny cheer him up? Bunnie/Broc
Indi 500: Indi enters a racing contest for a chance to go to England and see her beloved Pocky. Can she win? Indi/Pocky
Egregious One: Hah, Indi 500. Nice!
Indigo12ash: Indi 500? I do have to admit that is clever.
kay4today: Troper Shipping fanfiction? It has evolved again!
terlwyth: Troper Romance Fan-fiction. Ohh myyyyy
Danniiee: Hahaha, on the subject of titles...what would the romantic sitcom be called?
Phoenixor: Troper shipping fanfiction. That is a thing, alright. As for titles, I got nothing. I mean, other than the classic "One word that accurate describes the show" thing that most '90s sit-coms had. Shippers, perhaps?
Danniiee: Shippers. I love it. :'D
Peaceful Apocalypse: Indi 500? Hmm. As for the horror romantic comedy sitcom, how about The Shippers Are Watching.
Indigo12ash: It could be the Indi (insert how many miles we are apart). That would be interesting.
Peaceful Apocalypse: It would indeedy. ... -goes to Google-
Indigo12ash: I know I looked it up once... forgot the exact mileage.
Diurnal Brocolli: But Indi "Whatever Miles it takes to get from Pacific Time Zone to Great Clock" doesn't have the same ring as Indi 500...
Indigo12ash: 4775.8 miles. 7685.9 kilometers.
Indigo12ash: [awesome medal]
Phoenixor: Between pdam and I lie 4144.33 miles or 6669.47 kilometres. You win this round, Pockindy.
Diurnal Brocolli: Sorry I couldn't think up a better title other than "Social Link", Phoenix.
Indigo12ah: Pockindy?
Danniiee: Indigo x Pockindy.
Phoenixor: But... But Pockindy is my Portmanteau name for Pocky x Indy! That'd be like saying Pocky x Indy squared, or something. And that'd just get confusing.
The Mike: Nah, it's like Pocky x Indi, just with twice the Indi.
Diurnal Brocolli: With twice the Indi... If we clone Indi, think we could make our TV Tropes soccer team?
Indigo12ash: Ha, I don't think Pocky can handle two of me.
Peaceful Apocalypse: Two of Indi? ... Well... :D
The Mike: The scientific and biologically-risky cloning experiments begin immediately! ACTION SCIENCE! ACTION SCIENCE!

Physical Stamina: That feel when youtube takes down the only upload of a song you like and it's impossible to find it anywhere else.
Indigo12ash: That's the main reason why I download the MP3s if I find an uncommon song or video that I like.
Hermiethefrog: Youtube to MP3 conversions don't take up the majority of my music library. Nope. I purchase all my music online or with CDs.
Miss Kitten: Ditto.
Haldo: I only download stuff I can't get on CD. I don't buy individual songs >.> I buy lots of CD albums.
Indigo12ash: Of course my music isn't all Youtube-to-MP3, what are you talking about? Did I really say that? I'm ashamed of you wanting to download music illegally! >_> <_< *whistles suspiciously*
montmorencey: I have never. Not once in my life. Downloaded a song illegally. You people should be ashamed of yourselves.
—Conversation in You know that feel...?

Peaceful Apocalypse: My axe is what I use against people who touch my little Indy.
Sixthhokage1: My Little Indi, My Little Indi, ah-ah-ah-ah-ah…
Peaceful Apocalypse: I used to wonder what love could be... My Little Indy. Until she came and shared it with me.
Earl of Sandvich: Ship adventures...
Peaceful Apocalypse: Exploding stuff...
Earl of Sandvich: Her with Pocky's heart... Hope this stays strong. Them sharing cuddles is an easy feat, and Indi makes it all complete
Peaceful Apocalypse: My Little Indy! Do you are the best girlfriieeeeeeeeennddddd?
Murky Muse: ...There are no words for that.

Journeyman: My prom was . . . fucking odd.
0dd1: Um, I can explain...
—Conversation in Romancenote 

eternal Noob: Does anyone have a list of the most popular Forum Games canon ships?
Yin Hachiko: Pockindy, Pho/Pdam?
Phoenixor: There's also Neko/Dark, which originated here after (strike: forcing the two of them to admit they liked each other) aggressive shipping manoeuvres.
Yin Hachiko: Neko/Dark? :D ...Cute...so aggressive shipping works?
Phoenixor: It's more that everyone could see that they liked each other but them, so we... encouraged them to tell each other.
Azure: That ship's like some kind of archaic thing. Dark was a cool guy though.
Peaceful Apocalypse: Just like everyone was shipping Indy and I together?
Phoenixor: And like how certain folks were pushing pdam and I together. It tends to be a thing that folks in this thread will shove people together. (strike:With rope if necessary.)
Peaceful Apocalypse: (strike:Indy would approve of the rope.)
Phoenixor: (strike:I suspect she would, yes.)
Peaceful Apocalypse: (strike:I shall tell her about this.)
Phoenixor: (strike:Tell us how she reacts.)
Peaceful Apocalypse: (strike:She will probably blush.)
Phoenixor: (strike:That sounds likely.)
Peaceful Apocalypse: (strike:Just need to wait for her to wake up.)
Phoenixor: (strike:Welcome to my world.)
Yin Hachiko: (strike:And my world.)
Peaceful Apocalypse: Rawr timezones #LDRproblems Fucking fora markup thingies
Phoenixor: (strike:Two and a half months, two and a half months...)
Peaceful Apocalypse: (strike:Three months exact!)
Diurnal Brocolli: Um... Who do I have to wait for? I've got nobody.
Peaceful Apocalypse: Told Indy about the rope thing. Her response was "xD Very nice, dear."
Phoenixor: That sounds about right.
Indigo12ash: Pocky thought I was going to blush! Bah! She wishes. Ah, it's nice seeing I'm not completely forgotten about. Alright, this month is super motherfucking busy, so I'm vanishing again. Later all.
Diurnal Brocolli: Can't wait until you return for good!
Phoenixor: Hibye, Indy. Luck with exams and stuff.
Peaceful Apocalypse: ^^^ Blush, damn you (red:<3)
Boxen: Ohai Indi. Best'a luck.
Sixthhokage1: Speaking of #LDRProblems, cell phone taken away. Sixy/trouble otp >_>
fancywig: Indy, I hope you succeed in your finals!!!

Peaceful Apocalypse: Ermahgerd. Indy flies out today~
TAPETRVE: What we see here, dear colleagues, is the youthful thrill of anticipation. This specimen is one happy motherfucking camper.
—Conversation in Romance

Peaceful Apocalypse: Pockindy
Boxen: I literally just squeed X3
Kinkajou: ...
Inhopelessguy: ERMAGERD
Egregious One: Awwwww! Congratulations, you two!
Kinkajou: ITT gonna explode in 3, 2, 1
Catfish 42: ...yeah, those general reactions from my side too.
Volatile Chills: This actually happened! O.O
Kinkajou: (thumbs up)
Topographic Ocean: RE Pockindy: OH MAH GAWDZ! There is much adorbs and awesomeness goin' on right here! So happy for the pair of you.
Diurnal Brocolli: Thanks a lot, guys! You killed me with cuteness! But in all serious, BEST COUPLE EVER!
—Conversation in Photos