->''"In [''{{Film/Jaws}}''], you will recall, the danger of shark attacks was concealed by venal real estate speculators who didn't want to scare the buyers away. That the case this time, too; The Realtor throws a party for prospective home buyers and denies that there are piranhas in the lake until until most of his would-be buyers have been digested. Implausible, you say? Try telling that to the piranhas. Next I am anticipating a movie called ''[[FauxHorrific Realtor]]''."''
-->-- '''Creator/RogerEbert''' on ''Film/{{Piranha}}'' (1978)

->''"Mr. Bloot? Homer Simpson here. When you sold me this house, you forgot to mention one little thing: You didn't tell me it was built on'' '''''[[{{LargeHam}} AN INDIAN BURIAL GROUND!]]''''' ... '''''NO, YOU DIDN'T!''' ... Well... that's not how I remember it. ''[Hangs up]'' [[IdiotBall He says he mentioned it five or six times.]]"''
-->-- '''Homer Simpson''', ''TheSimpsons'' ("Treehouse of Horror")

->''"Why would anybody dig'' '''through''' ''an Indian burial ground to reach Hell? ''Just dig somewhere else!''"''
-->-- '''Redmond Mann''', ''WebComic/TeamFortress2''

->'''Kyle:''' Dude, why is your store called the IndianBurialGround Pet Store?\\
'''Store owner:''' Well, there was an Indian burial ground here before I bought it.\\
'''Stan:''' So you just built your store on an Indian burial ground?!\\
'''Store owner:''' Oh, hell, no. First I dug up all the bodies, pissed on them, and then buried them again upside-down.\\
'''Kyle:''' Why?!\\
'''Store owner:''' Why? I don't know. [[AlcoholInducedIdiocy I was drunk.]]
-->-- ''WesternAnimation/SouthPark''