Quotes / Inaction Sequence

"Over the next several years, the talk will increase and the animation will slowly decrease, desensitizing the audience until the ultimate goal is achieved... Viewers will watch a program consisting only of a still frame of Lou Ferrigno, while a voice-over reads the dictionary. It will be mankind's most successful television program ever."

"This staring contest is beginning to irritate me! Are you planning on continuing our fight any time today?"

Vegeta: (after Trunks tries to blow up the Androids) So, you done throwing a hissy fit?
Trunks: At least I did something instead of just standing there staring at them!
Krillin: We do do that a lot.

"This would be my first real battle, and I'd never seen anyone fight so fiercely. Gohan had always told me stories about the fights of the past, but those had a lot more screaming and posturing."
Trunks, from The History of Trunks Abridged