Quotes / Improbable Age

"Perhaps the words 'prime minister' suggest to you a wrinkled or obese sexagenarian; but pray dismiss the image. Lord Rupert Conway has been 'called while still almost a youth to the first situation which a subject can hold in the universe,' and even leading articles and a resume of the debates have not conjured up a dream that surpasses the fact."

She looks older than Mimette or our heroes, which given the way the Outer Sailors are drawn probably means she's an ancient crone of 16 or so.

"It was once rare for a Galaxy-class to be commanded by one as young as me but the wars with the Klingons and the Borg have a way of eliminating the complacent or unlucky and clearing the way for new blood. Hell, that's the reason I got my first command, after the Borg killed or assimilated the entire command staff of the Kagoshima, which left me, the second shift weapons officer and the senior-most ensign afloat, the ship's acting captain."
Captain Kanril Eleya, Bait and Switch (STO)

You know they're all kids in Washington? It's like Bugsy Malone, but with real guns.
Judy Molloy, In the Loop

If I may say so, I do not believe there are any other normal third graders with the title librarian at the Infinite Library.