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Quotes: Imperfect Metamorphosis
She wore a smart but elaborate blue-and-black suit and covered her aquamarine hair with the single most ridiculous hat that Yukari had ever seen in her long life of meeting people with ridiculous hats.
Chapter 13, Yukari musing on the penchant for Touhou characters for wearing Nice Hats

Yukari looked around the spacious room and suddenly felt a pang of empathy for her onetime rival, the youkai queen. Perhaps her totalitarian conquest had not been motivated by a desire to become an absolute tyrant. Maybe she just wanted the power to make people shut up for once.
Chapter 15

"Yeah, well. Occupational hazard. Can't go around hanging out with gods and demons all the time and not expect to get hit by a few lightning bolts."
Reimu Hakurei, Chapter 21: Praying for a Miracle

"Oh, that part still hasn't changed. But still, I can't help but wonder if I'm becoming too used to taking the practical road. As you know, I've always prided myself as a realist, but maybe I've lost a little too much idealism. After all, aren't gods supposed to help the downtrodden and save the wicked from themselves?"
Kanako Yasaka, Chapter 21 again

"Well, if this is a playground, you're the biggest bully in it!"
Reimu, talking to Yukari, in chapter 49: Ties of Friendship

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