Quotes / Imagine Spot

Amber: I feel it. I feel the cosmos.
Mike: The cosmos felt your mom. For a nickel.

Count Von Count: (As he bangs his gavel) Penguins of the jury!
Telly Monster: Penguins of the jury? Who are they?
Count Von Count: Have you reached the verdict?
Penguins: YEAH!
Count Von Count: Is Telly Monster guilty or not guilty?
Penguins: GUILTY!!!
Count Von Count: (To Telly Monster, Angrily) For hurting a penguin in a fit of anger, I, The judge of this court sentence you to 1 year in jail, No! I mean 2 years in jail - no, I mean 3 years in jail - no, 4 years, No! 5! 5 years in jail! (He laughs with thunder and lightning as he bangs his gavel)
*We see Telly behind bars*
Telly Monster: I didn't mean it! I was just angry!
Sesame Street, Taken from the imagine spot moment from episode 3058.