Quotes: I Was Quite a Looker

I used to be pretty. Yeah, but not no more. Look at my nose!
Swifty, The Venture Bros.

People show me pictures of me when I was nineteen, and I go "Oh no", and they think that I'm embarrassed by the way I used to look; no no, I'm embarrassed by how I look now. I'm jealous of how I used to look, and it depresses me.

Despite popular belief, Christopher Walken did not come out of his motherís womb as an old man who takes no shit from shit. No, once upon a Three Wolf Moon, Christopher was a young, powdery, hot piece of ass who made the young ladies drop their lace handkerchiefs and reach for the smelling salts. And this picture is proof!
I seriously want to print this out in sepia, put in a locket around my neck and run through the wheat fields with a parasol in hand.
Michael K., "Vintage Christopher Walken"

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frankienathanieljonas: #did you see him in 5th year? #he wasnt a virgin