Quotes / I Love Nuclear Power

"Bonk! is full-a radiation, which as we all know is pretty great for givin' people superpowers."
Team Fortress 2, The Scout Update.

Scientist: Young man... I'm afraid you've suffered some of the worst of what our... Mighty little friend, the atom has to offer! It can power a city... Or level it!! Human-insect mutation is far from an exact science. But there are some things we do know... You'll grow! (tsk tsk) Become bigger!

"We should also fill our desert with monsters and mutants created by radiation. We all know that fictional radiation gives people super powers or mutates them into deformed, but powerful monster, unlike boring real radiation that just kills you. It kills you slowly. It's just terrible.note 

Homer: If we learned one thing from The Amazing Colossal Man and Grasshopperus, it's that radiation makes stuff grow real big real fast!
Marge: But didn't Grasshopperus kill Chad Everett?
Homer: Only because he tried to reason with him.

And so, kids at home, remember, if you're looking to get radiation poisoning, and I cannot stress this enough, get it through the bite of an animal. Not a mister. It's the difference between amazing, crime fighting abilities, and massive organ failure.
Jon Stewart on the murder of Alexander Litvinenko.

Milhouse: So that's how it happened!
Martin: I would've thought being hit by an atomic bomb would've killed him!
Bart: Well, now you know better.
The Simpsons on Radioactive Man's origin story.

These days they blame the atom for everything. Bad health, bad crops, bad weather. Now it's grasshoppers.
—Soldier talking about giant grasshoppers in Beginning of the End.

That always pissed me off about Spider-Man. How Spider-Man got superpowers by being bitten by a radioactive spider. That is such bullshit. For starters, the odds of a random mutation being beneficial are astronomical, but more importantly, even if you did get one, you'd still have radiation poisoning!

The gamma laser toxic spill gave me powers. So I mostly fly around helping people understand what it's like to be dying of cancer.

That's the thing about, eh, especially Marvel. Marvel's all, "Radiation is AWESOME!" It's like back in the fifties. Like, no, no, that's not the lesson you want to teach kids.
Down in Front on Spider-Man

Lang: What's the biological precedence for an energy projection system?
Vik: Could be from radiation.
Lang: What radiation?
Vik: The radiation that made them big.
Lang: That is not how radiation works.

Welcome to Perdido beach, where our motto is: Radiation, what radiation?
—Sam, Gone

"Are you saying that the Inevitable Atomic War was a good thing?"
"Indeed I am not," replied TuMok. "While intratomic energy brought great benefits to your species, it also had horrendous side effects: preachy Jane Fonda movies, incredible shrinking men, fifty-foot women who refused to do the washing up."
Plan 7 of 9 from Outer Space

Few living things survived the cleansing flames. Those that did thrived...and changed...
Flavor Text for Mutated Growth, Crimson Jewel, Path of Exilenote 

Radioactivity...is in the air for you and me.
Radioactivity...discovered by Madame Curie.
Radioactivity...tune into the melody.
Kraftwerk, Radioactivity