Quotes / I Have Your Wife

I know exactly what you are thinking, Jack Harkness, I know it: "She won't do this, not really, not my Gwen. No, Gwen she can't hurt me. Gwen loves me. She never hands me anywh" — You know this is about my daughter. And I swear for her sake I will see you killed like a dog right in front of me if it means I get her back in my arms. Understood?"
Gwen Cooper, Torchwood: Miracle Day

I ran into some technical difficulties with this game. Instead of the burning pain I was expecting in my eyes from the Power Rangers Ninja Storm title screen, my Gameboy displayed a picture of my mother with a laser knife to her throat and croaked in a digital voice, "REMOVE THE GAME FROM MY CARTRIDGE PORT. OR THE HUMAN WOMAN DIES." So yes, this video game is a tragedy, but the fact that it could actually cause a machine to feel emotions, no matter how terrifying, is an amazing technological leap for the industry.

Isn't it grand what I've managed to do?
By kidnapping those...closest to you.
I've taken their souls to lay on the line...
In a winner-take-all...duel for all time!

"Malcolm Hawke was reluctant. Had to be… persuaded. I was Warden Commander, it was my duty. I delivered an ultimatum – 'help us or you'll never see her again'."
Larius, Dragon Age II

"Listen carefully. I have taken your wife hostage. If you don't have a wife, I have kidnapped your brother. Nod if you understand. Now, back away from Burns, and I will let your dog live."
Homer Simpson, E. Pluribus Wiggum

Some very rich people live in the lawless nooks and crannies of the world. Many of those rich people have families, and you became quite rich by finding out just how much some of those family members were worth. Sometimes, Daddy thought you were bluffing and you buried a little corpse in an unmarked grave. More often, Husband Dearest figured out that you were serious and got his wife back none the worse for wear.
The Bogeyman, Vampire: The Masquerade - Clanbook: Assamite (Revised)

John. As recordings are so... sadly impersonal, I'll have to imagine what your face looks like now. Etched with failure, I expect. I have Ka D’Argo’s son. Surrender to me, or the boy dies.