Quotes / I Have No Son

Lex: I know we've had our differences, but my wi— ... she's the mother of your grandchildren!
Lionel: ... How could I have grandchildren? I don't have a son.

"I understand that I had a brother once; a boy named Alex, a boy who used to play games with me and go skating with me and watch scary movies with me. I understand that Alex is dead now."
Dana Mercer, [PROTOTYPE 2]

Barty Crouch Jr.: I'm your son! I'm your son!
Bartemius Crouch Sr.: You are no son of mine! I have no son!

"Of course, any time the family produced someone halfway decent they were disowned."

"Ancestors be damned!" the young prince exclaimed, slamming his fist onto the hard stone of the feasting table.
Though he had been flushed with drink before, the ancient ruler's face had been drained by his son's last outburst. To his ears, the words his offspring had spoken were the worst desecration imaginable - disrespect of the ancestors.
"Get out." The words were barely audible, even in the silent hall. "Leave this kingdom never to return. Your name shall be stricken from all records. You are no longer the son of King Kurdan of Karak Azar."
— The end of a short story introducing the dwarfs in Mordheim.

"I then decided that if she was to continue down this path, she would do so without dragging our family name through the mud, and planned on disowning her. I had formally expelled students from my family's school in the past, and I took no pleasure in it, but recognized that there were times when cutting ties was best, particularly when the people in question had no intention of changing their actions. It was the same for Miho, even if she was my daughter. If she rejected everything our family stood for, there was no place for her in it."

"King Henry had no sons. He had three whiskered things but he disowned them. You're not mine. We're not connected. I deny you. None of you will get my crown. I leave you nothing and I wish you plague. May all your children breach and die."
Henry II, The Lion in Winter

"All my sons are bastards."
Henry II, The Lion in Winter

Sumire: Didn't you have a little sister?
Teru: No, I don't.

Scowler: What're you doing, Juniper? I said move out! You know the rules.
Juniper: You can't just leave him [Patchi] like that. He's your brother!
Scowler: I don't have a brother. Now get back to the herd.
Walking with Dinosaurs: The Movie

Bum!Stoick: You're not my son
Bum!Hiccup: Well technically I sort of am.
Bum!Stoick: Well metaphorically YOU'RE NOT!
Bum!Hiccup: AHHHHHHH!

Leyla: Where is Nina?
Father: You've never had a sister who's called "Nina".

Li Shan: I already lost you once, I don't want to lose you again. I can't.
Tywin Lannister: You're no son of mine!
Jotaro: I made fajitas.
Jolyne: I'm allergic to Mexican!

Jeff: You got any kids, Walter?
Walter: Yeah, I got kids.
Jeff: What'd they get you for Father's Day.
Walter: A card saying I wasn't really their father.
Jeff: Really? That's terrible!
Walter: No, it's what I asked for.
Jeff Dunham and his puppet Walter at the Just for Laughs festival

"I donít care if you are my child or not! I donít care if you were loyal to me or not! I donít care if youíre the rarest Pokémon there is in the world or not! If youíre not beautiful enough to be worthy of my love, then I donít NEED you!"
Lusamine, Pokťmon Sun and Moon

"How did I end up with a son like you, eh? You're nothing like me. You never were, and you never will be.
Marcus to Johnny, Sing

"That boy is no child of ours. He's nobody. Nothing. Just a phenomenon that slipped in from some other world. We just got it into our heads that he was our son and named him."
Mr. Escardos, Fate/strange fake

Ford: Alright Stanley here's the deal, you can stay here to take care of the kids. But when the summer is over, you give my identity back, you give my house back and this whole Mystery Shack junk is gone for good! You got that?!
Stan: You're never going to thank me are you?...Fine! But stay away from the kids! As far as I'm concerned, they're the only family I have left!