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Quotes: Humanity Is Superior
It is our destiny to rule the universe, just as it is the destiny of the Xeno to pave our way.
Ecclesiarch Lucretius VII, Warhammer 40,000

Have you ever paused to consider our reason for making l'Cie of men]? We fal'Cie are crafted for a single purpose, and granted finite power to that end. With men it is not so. Men dream, aspire, and through indomitable force of will achieve the impossible. Your power is beyond measure. We take l'Cie that we might wield such strength.

"We, the seed of Earth, are truly the children of Bakkalon, and no others. The rest are animals, and in Bakkalon's name we must assert our dominion over them."
— Proctor Wyatt of the Steel Angels, "And Seven Times Never Kill Man" by George RR Martin

"Species 5618: Human. Warp capable. Origin: Grid 325. Physiology inefficient, below average cranial capacity, minimal redundant systems, limited regenerative abilities. Our previous attempts to assimilate them were all direct assaults. They failed."
— The Borg Queen in "Dark Frontier, Part II", Star Trek: Voyager

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