Quotes / Human Popsicle

I know what it means to freeze to death
To lose a little life with every breath
To say goodbye to life on Earth
To come around again
Lord have mercy on the frozen man
James Taylor, "The Frozen Man"

Stranger in a strange land
Land of ice and snow
Trapped inside this prison
Lost and far from home
Iron Maiden, "Stranger in a Strange Land"

We love our little Johnny
He's the best little boy in all the world
And we wouldn't trade him for anything
That's how much we love him.
No, we couldn't live without him
So that's why, since he died,
We keep him safe in our G.E. freezer.
He's so good, so well-behaved,
Even better than before;
Oh, such a wonderful kid he is.
Alice and me, we'll never be lonely,
Never miss our little Johnny,
He'll never grow up and leave us
That's why we love him like we do.
Mr. Mincemeat

L'Enfant Glacé
When Baby's cries grew hard to bear
I popped him in the Frigidaire.
I never would have done so if
I'd known that he'd be frozen stiff.
My wife said: "George, I'm so unhappé!
Our darling's now completely frappé!
Harry Graham

In cryo, you don't dream at all. It doesn't feel like six years — more like a fifth of tequila and an ass-kicking.
Jake Sully, Avatar

Little Inmate: Hey, how come you just didn't get frozen? How come you didn't get frozen like Demolition Man?
Wesley Snipes: Well, it was a picture. It was a movie I was making, and uh, I—
Little Inmate: Maaaaaan, if I could get frozen like y', I'd come back in the year 2322! Cars be flyin'. You stupid, Wesley. You and Stallone should of got frozen like you did in that movie, come out, and beat up the cops 'cuz they don't know nothing 'bout what you do. You should of got frozen and came back when there's no such thing as taxes!
Big Inmate: I'da waited 'till the statute of limitations was up on the tax crap, Wesley... he's right! You i- you is stupid!

"Man, can that guy ever not get frozen in ice?"
Iron Man (regarding Captain America), MAD

Tony Stark: Still you're pretty spry for an... older fellow. What's your thing? Pilates?
Steve Rogers: What?
Tony Stark: It's like calisthenics. You might have missed a couple things. You know, doin' time as a Cap-sicle.

"While the implant into the red demon was successful, the event seems to have caused the 'Iron Core' to deteriorate. The demon was cryogenically frozen, while the core had to undergo reinforcement procedures."
Kozaky, Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG

"Everyone knows that freezing stuff doesn't work. I don't know why the Soylent Corporation bothered to buy up all those cryogenic storage companies."
Plan 7 of 9 from Outer Space

"What do you call a frozen Communist? Hammer and pop-sicle."