Quotes / Human-Focused Adaptation

"It makes perfect sense that they would pick Jason! I mean when people go to a MUPPET movie, they say, 'Gee, I can't wait to see the human!'"

"The action is intercut with human scenes that seem dragged in kicking and screaming from another movie... If there is one thing everyone in Hollywood thinks they know for sure, it's that the three most important words in movie development are story, story, story. This is not a story: A group of inconsequential human characters watch animation."

Does Michael Bay miss the point so spectacularly as a statement, or is it some kind of medical condition? Is he this off-point in daily life? Does he need someone to help him aim at the urinal? In any event, we've prepared this simple test: Michael, if you're making a movie about GIANT TRANSFORMING ROBOTS, and less than one-third of the movie actually contains GIANT TRANSFORMING ROBOTS, you may have made a mistake.

"Okay, alright, little rewrite here... Alright, Tom and Jerry: The Movie is now about a little orphan who's trying to find her father Indiana Jones, while her evil aunt and father search for her because apparently, she's worth a lot of money. Oh, and there's a cat and mouse in there somewhere but that's... that's not important."

"Starring a cast of two-dimensional characters no one cares about! With special guest stars the Transformers."

"You have ONE token human, then make way for the fucking robots!"
Areis from the same VG Cats comic.

"Hey guys. I got a great idea. Let's make a movie based off of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Bronies are such a great demographic, no? And I got an idea to troll them... let's theatrically release it and make it feature-length... and quickly stuff the actual ponies off-screen within ten minutes so we can focus on our new toy line: My Little Bratz."
—a quote about "Equestria Girls".