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Every day it was, "Get the weight off, Judy, you're still too fat." At 105?

[Alicia] Silverstone is not very good. But there was also something of a controversy at the time... there were people criticizing Silverstone for being fat in this movie, because she had difficulty getting into the skintight rubber Batgirl suit. You know who else has difficulty getting into a skintight rubber suit? EVERYONE WHO IS ALIVE.

Inside sources (that I made up and only exist in my head) tell me that General Leia wasn’t the only one who was told to drop the fat. Despite what the trailer and promo photos show, R2D2 was also told that fat robots are out so it got full-body lipo. R2D2 looks like this now.
Michael K., "Princess Leia Felt The Pressure To Lose Some Chunk For The New “Star Wars”"

Ain't everyone supposed to be the same size! 'Sposed to be all different! Big, small, medium, midget, you 'sposed to have all of that. And I don't know what it is that everybody wants to be the same size. Like that Oprah Winfrey. She go and lose her weight, wasn't nothin' wrong with her, she was fine! Oprah was a fox! She lose all that weight and her head look big, skin hangin' all over. And Luther Vandross, nigga used to be the black Pavarotti! Lost all that weight, lookin' all ashy. Oprah and Luther need to keep their ass one way 'cause I'm confused!
Papa Klump, The Nutty Professor (1996)

The second it was revealed yesterday that the 2015 Sports Illustrated: Swimsuit Issue would feature their first “plus-size model“, people put on their coats and shoes, walked their asses down to the nearest book store, bought a dictionary, wrapped it up, and threw that shit in the FedEx truck bound for the SI head office with a note attached that read “The definition of ‘plus-size’ is on page 798, take a look – xo, everyone with working eyes“, because their so-called plus-sized model looked pretty much like an original recipe model...“A variety of sizes” – sure, if the sizes range from XS (xtra sexy) to XL (xtreme-ly sexy).
DListed, "Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model Robyn Lawley Hates That She’s Considered Plus-Size"