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Quotes: Hollywood Pudgy
"[Alicia] Silverstone is not very good. But there was also something of a controversy at the time... there were people criticizing Silverstone for being fat in this movie, because she had difficulty getting into the skintight rubber Batgirl suit. You know who else has difficulty getting into a skintight rubber suit? EVERYONE WHO IS ALIVE."

"'Sorry, not into fat guys.'

I shrugged it off. I've gotten very good at shrugging. Shrugging is a much more preferable response than getting the idea into my head that body shape should preclude me from sex and romance. What an alien concept! This concept is just as alien as the idea that all gay men need to kill themselves to look like Ken dolls in order to be respected."

(having dinner at the Klumps:)
Mama Klump: Sherman, I cooked all this food. Is that all you gon' eat?
Papa Klump: Hey-hey-hey-hey! What's wrong with you? You supposed to eat that thing, not scalp it!
Sherman: Well, daddy, all the calories in the chicken are found in the skin and in the fat, so I peel off...
Papa Klump: Now what you talkin' 'bout? "That's where all the fat and calories is"? You know where that comes from? Watchin' that damn TV! (starts helping himself to more food) Every time you turn it on, they got somebody in there talkin' bout "Lose weight!", "Get healthy!", "Get in shape!". Got everybody lookin' all anorexic talkin' 'bout that's healthy! I know what healthy is! (pours gravy all over his plate of collard greens) And tell you somethin' else: I don't know why everyone's tryin' to lose weight in the first place! Ain't everyone supposed to be the same size! 'Sposed to be all different! Big, small, medium, midget, you 'sposed to have all of that. And I don't know what it is that everybody wants to be the same size. Like that Oprah Winfrey. She go and lose her weight, wasn't nothin' wrong with her, she was fine! Oprah was a fox! She lose all that weight and her head look big, skin hangin' all over. And Luther Vandross, nigga used to be the black Pavarotti! Lost all that weight, lookin' all ashy. Oprah and Luther need to keep their ass one way 'cause I'm confused!

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