Quotes / Hold Your Hippogriffs

Graham: We use all the same idioms as people, we just replace the words with owl stuff.
Paul: Okay okay, I can do this... Oh man I got so drunk last night, I regurgitated pellets all over the back seat of a... an owl taxi. Okay that was harder than I thought it would be.

"‘So we scrape shields occasionally!’ – what is it with Tom and B’Elanna and their godawful technobabble language when discussing their relationship. This is up there with classics like ‘no need to go to Red alert’ from Equinox and ‘I promise no more affairs with strange ships’ from Alice."

It's because of Johnny that we eat pompalope pie / That we say "you're the pompalope of my eye" / It's because of Johnny that people say "A pompalope a day keeps the doctor away.
—"The Ballad of Johnny Pompalope" song, PB&J Otter