->''[[WhatAnIdiot Sucker tried to play me]], [[YouHaveOutlivedYourUsefulness but you never paid me, never!]] [[EarWorm (Oh no you didn't!)]]''\\
''[[RoaringRampageOfRevenge Payback is a coming, you will be running forever]] [[EarWorm (Oh no you didn't!)]]''\\
''[[StuffBlowingUp Until I get my vengeance, I will never end this mayhem]] [[EarWorm (Oh no you didn't!)]]''\\
''[[PrivateMilitaryContractors I'm a mercenary, you ain't got a prayer, you owe me]] [[CrowningMusicOfAwesome (Oh no you didn't!)]]''\\
-- '''[[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dEbE3fGfF-o Oh No You Didn't]]''', ''[[{{Mercenaries}} Mercenaries 2: World in Flames]]''

->''"Wait, so most of these guards are just [[EvilInc FutureTech]]'s [[TitleDrop hired guns]]? The [[TheFederation Allies]] are just'' buying ''their military muscle now?"''
-->-- '''[[PersonOfMassDestruction Yuriko Omega]]''', ''VideoGame/CommandAndConquerRedAlert3''

->'''Tyrion''': If I told you to kill a babe... an infant girl, say, still at her mother's breast... would you do it? Without question?
->'''Bronn''': Without question? No. I'd ask, "how much."

->'''Tyrion:''' [[EtTuBrute I thought we were friends.]]
->'''Bronn:''' We are. But I'm a sellsword. I ''sell'' my sword, I don't loan it out as a favor to a friend.

->''Yeah, thing about mercenaries, [[TheDragon Nadine]]... [[OnlyInItForTheMoney Their loyalty, it's]]'' '''''[[OnlyInItForTheMoney bought.]]''''' ''[[NoHonorAmongThieves It's]]'' '''''[[NoHonorAmongThieves not]]''''' ''[[NoHonorAmongThieves earned.]]''
-->--'''Rafe Adler''', ''VideoGame/Uncharted4AThiefsEnd''