Quotes: Hipster

'Tell me your company, and I'll tell you your opinions,' might be said to many a man who piques himself on a select and superior view of things, distinct from the vulgar.
William Hazlitt, "On Consistency of Opinion," in Winterslow, 1850

I figure Diablo Codys role in the Evil Dead script was overplayed anyway, as none of the characters died after getting run over by a penny farthing.
Stuart Millard

'I don't think we need to be in Brooklyn,'" said Marie Labropoulos, who recently moved to Westchester County and opened a shop, Kalliste, selling artisanal vegan soap in Dobbs Ferry. "'We're bringing Brooklyn with us.'" NO. You hear me? NO. That is not allowed. Listen, I'm not 100 percent against all hipsterdom. I like Arcade Fire and I appreciate locally sourced goat taco food trucks as much as the next guy. But leave the suburbs alone. The American suburbs are a place for disaffected white people to live out their bland existences while a dark subcurrent of perversion and anxiety lurks just underneath. I don't want that ruined. How will Todd Solondz ever make a movie again if every asshole in the suburbs IS Todd Solondz?
Drew Magary, Make It Stop

One week after she announced that she was knocked-up with a tiny hand-crocheted ukelele-strumming vintage fetus, UsWeekly says that Zooey Deschanel is engaged to her baby daddy producer boyfriend Jacob Pechenik...I really want to see the quirky engagement ring Jacob proposed to her with. I know hes only been with Zooey for about 6 months, so I hope he had enough time to find a taxidermied squirrel tooth set in an antique gold harmonica.