Quotes / Hipster

Lois: I think you just got to be in the "out" group. Whoever's on top, whoever's in power, whoever's successful, you gotta be on the other side or you don't feel like the smartest guy in the room. All you are, my dear, is a contrarian.
Brian: Oh, please, you could not be more off base.
Lois: Oh, yeah? Let me ask, what did you think of the movie Titanic?
Brian: Horrible, one of the worst movies ever made.
Lois: Mm-hm, what about Slumdog Millionaire?
Brian: Overrated, just a terrible movie.
Lois: Cocktail.
Brian: Actually, not a bad film. You know, as classically structured cinema, Cocktail was one of the best films of its era.
Lois: You make me sick, Brian.
Family Guy, "Excellence in Broadcasting"

'Tell me your company, and I'll tell you your opinions,' might be said to many a man who piques himself on a select and superior view of things, distinct from the vulgar.
William Hazlitt, "On Consistency of Opinion," in Winterslow, 1850

I figure Diablo Codys role in the Evil Dead script was overplayed anyway, as none of the characters died after getting run over by a penny farthing.
Stuart Millard

I really want to see the quirky engagement ring Jacob proposed to her with. I know hes only been with Zooey for about 6 months, so I hope he had enough time to find a taxidermied squirrel tooth set in an antique gold harmonica.
DListed, "Zooey Deschanel Is Getting Married Again"

Jack, you're such a hipster that even in our small group - even in our tiny little group - you just have to be the dissenting opinion, don't you?
Rich Evans to Jack Packard, Best of the Worst

YouTube Pedant: Well, nowadays it's cool to like things ironically that you don't really like.
Dad: How does that work out, then?
YouTube Pedant: It's just like olives and espresso. Nobody really enjoys them, but you pretend you do just to look cool and sophisticated.