Quotes: Hijacked by Ganon

Split Mushroom: Are you X? I'm under orders to terminate you.
X: What?! Who's orders?
Split Mushroom: Take a wild guess.
(Battle begins with Split Mushroom's life gauge appearing with Sigma's logo)

Sora: Ansem! Xemnas! Aren't you dead?
Xemnas: We're always the final bosses in Kingdom Hearts.
Ansem: Just like Bowser in Mario games...only, we're sexy.
Kingdom Hearts 3D (in a nutshell)

Ben/XLR8: I don't know what your plan is...
Dr Vicktor: "Oh, it's not my plan. It's the master's plan. It always was." (activates his machine, which resurrects Ghostfreak)
Ghostfreak: I LIVE!
Ben10, The Return

Andross: I've been looking forward to this day... To see you again, Fox McCloud!
Fox: Andross!
Andross: And now, to destroy the Lylat System!
Fox: I've gotta stop him!
There are other vilains, you know ?
—A rather common sentence when this happend