Quotes / Hideous Hangover Cure

"V8, Miller Lite and raw egg. There is balm in Gilead."

"Joey! Let's make some wake-up juice."

"This is a hangover that could only be cured by a bullet."

Spike: (after fixing a drink consisting of one raw egg yolk, some red sauce, salt, pepper, and a splash of gin) "'S a prairie oyster. Great for hangovers."
TR: "Ugh. You're one of only two people I know of who actually drinks those things."
Cowboy Bebop, "Heavy Metal Queen"

Richie: (adding the following into a glass for Eddie to take) "'''seven eggs, washing-up liquid, hint of demostos. jiff micro liquid, where are you? here I am, (adds that too). And the secret ingredient, ant spray. (when eddie tries to it through a straw Richie stops him) ah ah ah ah ah, up the nose or not at all. (Eddie does just that, ingesting it through his nose, only it knocks him out)

Who hasn't had a coffee-beer-pepto-bismol-chinese-food-and-pizza slurpee? Or as I like to call it... ka-blsthtsk.
Nostalgia Critic, End of Days

Liquor is usually consumed for the purposes of getting drunk, but some cocktails exist for the opposite reason. One such cocktail is the Prairie Oyster, made to fix hangovers. The recipe is Worcestershire sauce, tomato juice, vinegar, pepper, and a raw egg. It's meant to be swallowed in a single gulp, so that the yolk remains unbroken. Who thought this up in the first place!?
—Cocktail Trivia, Catherine