Quotes: Hideous Hangover Cure

"V8, Miller Lite and raw egg. There is balm in Gilead."

"Joey! Let's make some wake-up juice."
— Bartender, Back to the Future III

"This is a hangover that could only be cured by a bullet."

Spike: (after fixing a drink consisting of one raw egg yolk, some red sauce, salt, pepper, and a splash of gin) "'S a prarie oyster. Great for hangovers."
TR: "Ugh. You're one of only two people I know of who actually drinks those things."
Cowboy Bebop, "Heavy Metal Queen"

Richie: (adding the following into a glass for Eddie to take) "'''seven eggs, washing-up liquid, hint of demostos. jiff micro liquid, where are you? here I am, (adds that too). And the secret ingredient, ant spray. (when eddie tries to it through a straw Richie stops him) ah ah ah ah ah, up the nose or not at all. (Eddie does just that, ingesting it through his nose, only it knocks him out)