Quotes / Hero with an F in Good

"You're still evil! And when you're trying to be good, you're even more evil!"
Lisa Simpson, to Mr. Burns, The Simpsons, "The Old Man and the Lisa"

"Why am I so bad at being good!?"

"Listen, chump. I was just doing my own thing when some robot-riding circus freaks jump me and then you had to show up and start bashing my town and for some reason, everyone keeps calling ME the bad guy!"
Coop, Megas XLR, "The Bad Guy"

"I AM WARIO-MAN! And I will save the world... OF ALL ITS MONEY!"''
Wario, WarioWare Twisted

"She wasn't much of a hero, anyway."
Chester McBadbat on Veronica/Hawk Gal, The Fairly OddParents!'', "The Big Superhero Wish"

"They can't rob the bank if I burn it to the ground first!"
Inverted Carnage, Axis