Quotes / He-Man Woman Hater


Dr. Lecter: Paul, would you like to say grace?
Paul Krendler: (lobotomized) God bless every one of us, even white trash like Starling!
Lecter: I don't think the Apostle Paul could have put it any better. He hated women, too.

"I, Stymie, member in good standing of the He-Man Woman Hater's Club, do solemnly swear to be a he-man and hate women and not play with them or talk to them unless I have to, and especially never fall in love; and if I do, may I die slowly and painfully and suffer for hours or until I scream bloody murder."
Stymie, The Little Rascals film

"Stay away from women! All they want is your man juice!"
Coach Norton, Saving Silverman


"Women are strange little beasts. You can treat them like dogs, you can beat them till your arm aches, and still they love you. Of course, it is one of the most absurd illusions of Christianity that they have souls."
Strickland, The Moon and Sixpence by W. Somerset Maugham

Video Games

"Ohh, how I hate girls... So arrogant and self-centered! They cry if you get angry, they gossip behind your back, they spread nasty lies... They look at me like some... some disgusting THING and say that I'm a weirdo... Laughing at me, all the while! 'You like to sew? What a queer!' 'Painting is so not you.' 'But you're a guy...' 'You don't act like a guy...' 'Why aren't you manly...' What does it mean to 'be a guy'!? What does it mean to 'be manly'!? Girls are so scary..." (...) "Men are much better... They'd never say those awful, degrading things. Yes, I vastly prefer men."
Shadow Kanji, Persona 4

Web Original

"A man who hates every bone in a woman's body, except his."

The Dream (WNBA): What is that? You're joking. That's a team name? These broads need to cut back on the Lunesta and work on their fundamentals. I can sink more three pointers than these amazons. Maybe have them play in skirts and high heels. Then I'll watch. No thanks.

"In the past, Allen was always very self deprecating. He was willing to take as much as he gave out. But here, Allen comes off as a very bitter and cruel old man...Ellie is a nice girl who did an altruistic act and Val is making a complete and utter ass out of himself by yelling at a soft spoken woman in the middle of a crowded restaurant. What an asshole."
Miles Antwiler on Hollywood Ending (2002)

"Ben Steed is doing his usual bit for female emancipation by ensuring that the fair sex are treated as little more than slaves and tossing lines like "donít just stand there woman, bring ale!""
Joe Ford onn Blake's 7, "Power"

"Betty and Veronica never got a single dime from the tooth fairy — all their teeth were left on Little Archie's lawn. You probably think I'm kidding and that no one would actually make girl-punching a central theme in a children's comic. Well, they fucking did."

Western Animation

Lenny: Girls! Who needs 'em?
Stuckey: Yeah, who needs 'em?
Duane: I hate girls!
Kissyfur, "The Birds and The Bears"