Quotes / He Knows About Timed Hits

"“The monster became vulnerable in light”. Nice world building there, Alone in the Dark!

“As the light hit the creature, mutated plants in the graveyard soil still clinging to its rotten form grew with supernatural speed, pushing the hardened scales of its outer flesh apart.”

See how easy this is? I just made that up!"

'"'In some areas, you can aim the pointer while holding the B button to scroll around the screen. What's that? "Where's the B Button?" Hmm... I wonder..."''
a cat, Wii Photo Channel

Guy: Pushing the Y Button should fire the main cannon!
Maxim: Oh, have you operated a tank too, Guy?
Guy: Well, no... But I have a feeling that pushing at least one of these buttons will fire the cannon!
Tia: Also, we should use the L and R Buttons to rotate the cannon!
Maxim: What? How the heck do you know that, Tia?!
Tia: Um... Call it 'women's intuition'!

I'm immune to splash damage. Clyde said.