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Quotes: Hayden Panettiere
Stan: Okay, let's see who made the crime beat today. No better way to shame a first time petty law breaker than by plastering their picture all over the paper. Oh my God! Guess who's in here?
Francine: Santa?
Stan: It's a local crime beat, Francine.
Steve: Is it Hayden Panettiere?
Stan: Who? I don't even know who... it's... it's a local... forget it.
American Dad! ("To Live and Let Fry")

I also really dug Hayden Cantspellherlastname...
The Onion poster talking about Scream 4

The very pregnant Hayden Panettiere is here to make us uncomfortable for looking at her cleavage and to make us uncomfortable for trying to spell her name, which really should come more intuitively after all these years.

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