Quotes: Hates the Job, Loves the Limelight

Photographer: Hugh, could you look less — um —
Hugh Grant: Pained?
Emma Thompson, Bringing Jane Austen's Novel to Film

I hated myself for my lack of anger. Was there no limit to humiliation that I'd put up with to hold onto a job? No. There was no limit.
Tom Baker, Who On Earth is Tom Baker?

Making motion pictures—and God knows it's been said before—is probably the mot boring art form ever devised. For an actor, anyway. You wait while they hang lights, focus cameras, check sound, tape marks on the floor, and you do the same three lines over and over and over again.
Alan King, Name Dropping

I never really enjoyed acting in the first place. I started when I was 10 and Iíve been doing it for 50 years...Upstairs Downstairs brought me fame and kudos but it didnít pay anything. I think I got £230 an episode and each episode took two weeks to shoot.
Lesley-Anne Down

I don't know that I want to act 15 years from now. I mean, I love the process of acting, but not the masochism. No matter how successful you get in Hollywood, you cannot rest. Your new movie doesn't open well; they're looking for the next person to replace you; it's always something. You never have true peace.
Emma Caufield

I love it when NFL teams force draftees to attend 50,000 interviews and then mark a player down if he dares to express frustration with the process. 'How dare you not subject yourself to my interrogation! I MADE A SPECIAL TRIP.'
Drew Magary, "Why Your Team Sucks 2014: Carolina Panthers"