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Quotes: Hates the Job, Loves the Limelight
I guess because my name is Bozo
I was destined to be a clown
But when I joined the traveling circus
I didn't think that it would bring me down
Make me angry like a sniper in a tower
And every Saturday
I take off my nose and say never more

Pie in my face
Five days a workweek
It's in my face
Pie in my face
It sucks to be a clown
Jonathan Coulton, "Bozo's Lament"

Sir Alexander Dane: I played Richard III.
Fred Kwan: Five curtain calls...
Sir Alexander Dane: There were five curtain calls. I was an actor once, damn it. Now look at me. Look at me! I won't go out there and say that stupid line one more time.

Binky the Clown: Heeeey, kids! Wanna see Binky do a magic trick? Well, forget it! I'm not spending another minute in this stupid clown suit! I am an actor! But, noooo... Too short, they said!
Garfield: Third time this week. He's lost it.

Photographer: Hugh, could you look less — um —
Hugh Grant: Pained?
Emma Thompson, Bringing Jane Austen's Novel to Film

"I hated myself for my lack of anger. Was there no limit to humiliation that I'd put up with to hold onto a job? No. There was no limit. That's how it is with incomplete personalities."
Tom Baker, Who On Earth is Tom Baker?

"I've never liked comments. The practice, that is, of allowing anyone to speak their mind about a piece of content and leave it for all to see. Of all the hideous manifestations of Web 2.0 ooh-let's-all-be-friends-together huggy-muggy your-opinion-matters bullshit, it is the most egregious and the most pointless. I despise the notion that everyone has something of value to contribute, because that's provably false. Just try to think of how much of a twat you are. Here's a hint: You're a big twat. Now consider that, in any given large number of people, a significant percentage is going to be even bigger twats than you... I consider it an insult that material created by trained people with experience and qualifications and talent is forced to share space on my computer screen with the musings of uninvolved people with no qualifications bar a keyboard and bottomless twattiness."

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