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Quotes / Hate Dumb

"I hate television. There are too many commercials, reruns and game shows. The eight hours I watched yesterday was terrible."

"Comments give everyone and everyone a voice, and that's not always a good thing. We have a saying around here when it comes to comments: D.O.N.T. — don't! It stands for 'Doooooooon't comment. Ever.'"

"Anita Sarkeesian has a right to point out and criticize whatever she sees fit, WITHOUT death threats... and emails coming over and people saying they're going to rape her and stupid ass shit like that."

"Let's face it, the extreme amount of crap [Joel Schumacher] caught for making this movie is more than a little over the top, and in some cases, borderline psychotic. At the end of the day, all he did was make a bad movie. Genuine venom should be reserved for actual crimes like mass murder, putting lettuce on a breakfast sandwich, or eating New York-style pizza with a fork. You fold it a little and then eat it! What the hell is hard about that?"
The Agony Booth, Batman & Robin recap supplement