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Quotes: Hard on Soft Science
"We have friends in other fields—in biology, for instance. We physicists often look at them and say, 'You know the reason you fellows are making so little progress?' (Actually I don't know any field where they are making more rapid progress than they are in biology today.) 'You should use more mathematics, like we do.' They could answer us—but they're polite, so I'll answer for them: 'What you should do in order for us to make more rapid progress is to make the electron microscope 100 times better.'"
Richard P. Feynman "There's Plenty of Room at the Bottom"

"A good pure researcher will, over the course of his/her/its career, get published a few times, see his/her/its work plagiarized, stolen, or otherwise borrowed by the commercial sector, and will be rewarded with an increasing sense of bitterness as he/she/it watches the Universe continue to spin down entropically in several senses of the word. We should not, therefore, blame the pure researcher for being an elitist jerk. It's some of the only pleasure he/she/it will derive from the quest for discoveries untainted by practical application. '"

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