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Quotes: Hard-Drinking Party Girl
"She's a hard drinkin' woman, but I love her just the same"
Blue Room, Hard Drinkin' Woman

Codeine... Bourbon...
Tallulah Bankhead, Last Words

Jane: And you're drunk. :P
Roxy: correction
prensent tense
grammar jane

Whiskey is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.
Lix, The Hour

Keiichiro Aoyama: Looks like there's still time before the chairwoman's speech.
Kurz Weber: Yeah. One of today's main event. I came to see that as well.
Maya Ibuki: You two... You're not actually thinking to lock-on to that little child, are you?
Aoyama: Wait one second Ms. Ibuki. I think you're over reacting there.
Kurz: That's right. We just appreciate a lot that's small and cute.
Ibuki: You guys aren't loli...
Misato Katsuragi: Calm down Ibuki. That chairwoman has her age hidden.
Misato: Just like... me.
Melissa Mao: Mam! Katsuragi Nisa! I think you're pushing it!
(Mao laughs.)
Misato: Ahaha! You think so?
(Misato laughs)
Ibuki: Oh my. These two... They're already drunk...
Shunsuke Akagi: Uwa! There's so many empty beer cans!?
Aoyoma: Two beauties gulping on beer... Not bad but I'll pass.

You've seen her at a party, she's doing the rounds
She likes to get it started, she likes to get loud
She's popping that champagne, she's drinking shots down
She's living for the moment
Iration, "Time Bomb"

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