->'''Shepard''': Ash?\\
'''Ashley''': ''(groans)''\\
'''Shepard''': What have we here?\\
'''Ashley''': Ah! Sir/Ma'am, I'm off duty...your voice, sir/ma'am...not so loud, pleasethankyou.\\
'''Shepard''': Why are you curled up on the floor?\\
'''Ashley''': Am I? Ugh, my head...so heavy...can't move.\\
'''Shepard''': Ah. Enjoy your evening?\\
'''Ashley''': I'll be back to work in 30...maybe 40. I swear, just give me 45 minutes, shh. Shh!\\
'''Shepard''': [[{{Troll}} Is it time to test the fire alarm? I think it is!]]\\
'''Ashley''': I'll pay you a million credits not to do that, sir/ma'am.\\
'''Shepard''': Two million and we have a deal.\\
'''Ashley''': You're a damn space pirate.\\
'''Shepard''': I could order Joker to sing to you over the comm.\\
'''Ashley''': I hate you.\\
'''Shepard''': 'I hate you'...?\\
'''Ashley''': Sir./Ma'am.\\
'''Shepard''': As you were, Williams.\\
'''Ashley''': Mmm...cold floor.

->''[[PunctuatedForEmphasis I. Am going. To die.]] Don't get me wrong. Great party. But...ugh, yeah, mmm. I'll just be here. Right here. Forever. Urgh...''
-->--'''Tali''', ''VideoGame/MassEffect3: Citadel''

-> '''Reid''': ''(cheering as loud as possible)'' A couple of hours. ''A couple of hours!'' You guys didn't come home until sunrise!\\
''(cue DeathGlare from the girls)''\\
'''JJ''': ''(deadpan)'' Why are you yelling?\\
'''Prentiss''': ''(deadpan)'' Make him stop.\\
'''Morgan''': What did you guys drink last night?\\
'''Garcia''': The Green Fairy. You're in the FBI, could you get the entire crowd to ''stop cheering''?\\
'''Morgan''': ''(amused look)''
-->--'''Series/CriminalMinds''', "A Family Affair"

->Went out drinking late last night. I had a blast\\
But now the morning light has come and kicked my ass.
-->-- '''Music/TheOffspring''', "The Worst Hangover Ever"

->'''Hawkeye''': ''(wakes up, groans)'' ''(quietly)'' Trapper? Trapper?\\
'''Trapper''': ''(mumbles)'' I'm not going to talk, unless you stop screaming.
-->-- '''Series/{{MASH}}'''

->My whole body feels like dry mouth.
-->-- '''Detective Jake Peralta,''' ''Series/BrooklynNineNine''

->'''Oliver:''' GOOD MORNING!\\
'''Geoff:''' Ah. AH! No, ah, no loud. Loud is forbidden.
-->-- ''Webcomic/VagabondStarlight''

->''"You '''measure'''... what a good time you '''had'''... by how much it fucks you up. You'll go out tonight. Get ripped. Get shitfaced. You'll wake up tomorrow. Somebody will talk to you, say, 'How was it last night?' You'll say, 'It was fantastic! I can't see. No sensation, no feeling, nothing! No sensation on the left side of my body! It's--oh! Oh! I can't even form sentences! You should've come, you'd have at least lost an ear!'"''
-->-- '''Creator/DylanMoran'''