!! ''Half-Life: Full-life Consequences''

-->''John Freeman who was Gordon Freemans brother was one day in an office typing [[CaptainObvious on a computer]]. He got an email from his brother that said that aliens and monsters were attacking his place and aksed him for help so he went.''
-->--'''Opening lines'''

-->''its time for me to live up to my family name and face [[TitleDrop full life consequences]]''
-->--'''John Freeman'''

-->''The contrysides were nice and the plants were singing and the birds and the sun was almost down from the top of the sky.\\
[[IronicEcho Ravenholdm was nothing like the countrysides there was no birds singing and]] [[RougeAnglesOfSatin the pants were dead]] [[IronicEcho and teh dirt was messy and bloody from headcrabs]].''

-->''u shudnt come here''
-->--'''Someon's writing on road sign'''
%%Again, as spelt.

-->'''John Freeman:''' I cant give you my lisense officer
-->'''Headcrab Oficer:''' Why not?
-->'''John Freeman:''' Because you are headcrab zombie
%%Oficer is as spelt in the fanfic

-->'''John Freeman:''' Zombie goasts leave this place
-->'''Zombie Goast:''' but this is our house

-->''its a good day to do what has to be done by me and help my brother to defeat the enemys''
-->--'''John Freeman'''

!! ''Half-Life: Full-life Consequences 2: What Has Tobe Done''

-->''[[MakesJustAsMuchSenseInContext Gordon Freeman is now these hands]]... i must kill the next boss and live up to full-life consequences!''
-->--'''John Freeman'''

-->''Dear John Freeman, How are you? I Miss you at home come home safe and soon with Gordon Freeman for thanksgiving diner. Love mom."''

!! ''Half-Life: Hero Beggining''

-->''[[DramaBomb In the future the world was dark and scarry. One day Combines came and noone knew why.]] [[NarmCharm Combines were robot things that werent robots with ugly faces and sometimes glowing eyes and slaved people in the city and made them angry and sad.]]''
-->--'''Opening lines'''

-->'''[[BasementDweller Henry Freeman]]:''' mom why are Combines here
-->'''Mom:''' Henry Freeman Combines are from [[ScienceIsBad science]] and outter space and [[AliensAreBastards hate humens]].
-->'''Henry Freeman:''' mom why are they beating up that girl!
-->'''Mom:''' [[FantasticRacism Because she is humen Henry Freeman]], [[ForTheEvulz and they are evil Combines]]
-->'''Henry Freeman:''' Hey you Combines stop beating her up you evil guys!
-->'''Combines:''' Shut up kid or you will pay!
-->'''Mom:''' Combines dont aim your lazers!
-->''[[UnsoundEffect Henry Freeman's mom is shot]]''
-->'''Combines:''' [[BloodyHilarious Ha ha stupid humen girl with no head]]
-->'''Henry Freeman:''' mom you were beautiful soul and Combines will pay.
-->'''Mom:''' Henry Freeman no get out of here fast as you can...

-->''Combines it is time to do what has to be done and live up to my family name''
-->--'''Henry Freeman'''

-->''[[IncomingHam Combines leave my son alone]]''
-->--'''John Freeman'''

!! ''Half-Life: Full-life Consequences: Free Man''

--> ''Son take people and leave the city its time I have to kill the enemys and make evil go away from here forrest of time!''
-->--'''John Freeman'''

-->''John Freeman let go Gordon Freeman and went up back on his feet and loked his head around and saw trees and aminals and humens then looked at glowy tower and knew what has to be done.''

--> ''I have to kill fast and BULLETS TOO SLOW''
-->--'''John Freeman'''

-->Combines saw this and said, "'''''[[SuddenlyShouting STOP THE HUMENS.]]'''''"

-->''John Freeman Saver of Humens''
-->--'''Statue dedicated to John Freeman'''

!! Others

-->''[[StupidStatementDanceMix John-jo-john-jo-jo-john-jo-john Freeman\\
John-jo-john-jo-jo-john-jo-john Freeman\\
He got an email from his brother that said\\
Aliens and monsters were attacking his place]]''
-->--'''Furries in a Blender''', "[[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UCuLpdg9aIk John Freeman]]"

-->''to be continued...?''