Quotes / Guns Are Worthless

"All the big names of the original trilogy are here as playable characters, even the ones that you wouldn’t think would even fit in a fighting game. You could let Han Solo slide, since he’s a tough guy who probably punches people a lot. Suspension of disbelief is a lot harder when you’ve got Boba Fett kicking people square in the face."

You remember the story about John Carter of Mars. He was Edgar Rice Burroughs' hero, and he galloped all over Mars on whatever passed for a horse up there. One day he was attacked and chased by a band of villains who started hacking at him with their swords. Carter of Mars drew his own trusty blade and started hacking back at them, while trying to make it up the castle stairs. But they were too much for him. First he lost a leg. Then an arm. They were gaining on him. "The hell with this," said John Carter, throwing away his sword, drawing his atomic ray gun and zapping the bad guys into a radioactive ash heap. I think about that story every time I see a kung fu movie, because kung fu movies depend upon the same unwritten rules as John Carter novels: Nobody can have a gun.

"Actually, I haven't had the best luck with shooting irons."

"Don't shoot him. You'll just make him mad."

"They don't work on anything these days..."

"Guns make you stupid."
Michael Westen, Burn Notice

Leading historians point to the infamous "Gunpowder Patch" circa the 9th and 13th centuries as the root cause of this now rampant problem. Despite being beta-tested on the Chinese servers for hundreds of years, when the patch finally hit European servers it was met with quite an uproar. During the years that followed, the game suffered from a string of increasingly overpowered weapons being released, and each one seemed only more devastating than the last. Without a systems of checks and balances this completely terraformed the landscape of PvP deathmatches over the next few hundred years, and eventually killed off several in game classes such as the Knight and the Samurai. Though many people mourn the loss of these once noble classes, there is still hope that the developers will re-balance the game and make the pointed stick on par with with a belt-fed 7.62 mm machine gun.
— Uncyclopedia's page on Real Life