Quotes: Guilty Pleasures

"What a dumb show, I can't believe anyone watches it... Besides, it's a rerun."
Garfield, Garfield

"This one was a guilty pleasure for me, David."
Margaret Pomeranz, every other episode of The Movie Show

Faye, now that we're underwater, there's something I want to get off my chest. I am a huge fan of boy bands. I have not said this before, and even though I may deny it in the future, or even in the past, I say now and forever that I love all boy bands. All of them. I can never take this back.

"If you want gourmet pastry, or even a homemade cake, you know where to get that. If you're eating a Twinkie, you clearly know what you want and why you're eating it, and you know that it's not good to eat very many of them, but... you know... sometimes you just want one."

Baxter: Trudy, how would you like me to read your Romance Novel to you?
Trudy: I thought you said romance novels were trivial.
Baxter: I did, but I like to read to you. (thinking) Besides, I want to find out what Genevieve's Secret is.
Bears In Love

"And there's that other guy that you can visit this level with But he sucks. He can piss off right now and Go die in a fire! Ha, just kidding I love Big He's large and moronic. That's his appeal I think um...."

Music snobbery is the worst kind of snobbery. It forces people who like something a bit mainstream, a bit of pop like Girls Aloud or Take That or ABBA to say "It's my guilty pleasure!" I hate that phrase. It is an insult to top quality pop. It is also an insult to guilt. I may be an atheist now, but I did my time with the Catholic Church, I learned a lot about guilt and it needed a lot more than "Gimme Gimme Gimme A Man After Midnight" to merit the phrase 'guilty pleasure'. You needed to actually have the man after midnight.
Dara Briain

"I loved every corny minute of it."
Gene Siskel, on The Natural

"Watching this show is like masturbating. Men love doing it for some reason, but they have to do it when no one else is around."

Castle: "Do you know how bad it would be for me if she stayed here all the time? It would be a very special brand of hell, the hell of a deep fried twinkie."
Ryan: "Deep fried twinkie?"
Castle: "Yeah, you know, the thing you know is so bad for you but you do it once or twice a year for the novelty."
Castle, episode 1.6

"Guilty pleasures!
Everybody has a few!
Guilty pleasures!
You and me and even you!
Guilty pleasures!
Contradict your sense of taste!
Guilty pleasures!
"No thinking adult should get within a mile of this film. I must not have been thinking. For my sins, I laughed. Sorry. I'll try to do better next time."

I'm not sure I'm ready, but I'm ready to feel the guilt associated with being ready for it.
Perry Block, commenting on the erotica book Held Captive By The Cavemen

...I know were laughing at this video because its cheesy compared to the original, but we all would have watched the hell out of this show. The 90s was a very, very cheesy time.
VictoriaMcNally, on the Saban Sailor Moon series