->You know, they make it so you can't defeat Zurg unless you buy this book! It's extortion, that's what it is!
-->--'''Rex''', ''WesternAnimation/ToyStory2''

->[=FromSoftware=], are you getting backhanders from the GameFAQs people?''
-->--'''''WebAnimation/ZeroPunctuation''''' on ''VideoGame/DarkSoulsII''

->There are also a few obscure object mechanics that the game doesn't explain properly, but bases puzzles around regardless. It's possible, for example, to put boxes on top of the roving proximity mines. It's not fair if you don't make all the rules clear. If I'm stuck in a puzzle game, I prefer it to be because I'm a big thick-y bobo who can't figure out where all the pieces go, not because one of the pieces ''was still in the box''. Forgive me if it didn't occur to me to near the bleeping explode-y death ball and repurpose it as a dessert trolley!
-->--'''''WebAnimation/ZeroPunctuation''''' on ''VideoGame/TheTalosPrinciple''

->You need to select the key to enter, the clock to tell you when the sun is rising, you need the medallion so the sun can shine at the right time and mark the spot on the map where you find a shovel to dig for the Ark. ''Wow.'' How complicated can it be for an {{Atari}} game? Let alone that this is one of the few Atari games you can actually beat, whereas most of them are just about trying to get a high score--and when I say "it can be beat," that's hypothetical because honestly I think it'd be easier to '''find the real lost Ark'''! Just the fact that you have to feel around secret passage ways and stuff it makes you feel like...Indiana Jones. [[LifeImitatesArt Well, it got me there.]]
-->--'''WebVideo/TheAngryVideoGameNerd''' plays ''IndianaJones'' for Atari 2600

->You have to ask yourself why [Akitoshi] Kawazu would do this when he knew damn well there were thousands of RPG geeks who would go into conniptions after putting sixty hours into ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyXII'' and discovering that they [[LostForever blew their chance at getting the strongest weapon in the game]] within the first forty-five minutes. The only explanation is that he's a [[TrollingCreator spiteful troll]] disguised as a legitimate video game developer. Kawazu is the type of person who designs those [[VideoGame/KaizoMarioWorld sadistic Super Mario hacks]], only he happens to be an executive at one of the world's biggest and most influential video game companies.
-->--'''Pat R.''', [[http://socksmakepeoplesexy.net/index.php?a=ff02 "Clubbing Myself in the Head: The Final Fantasy II Experience"]]

->...Space Quest IV will give you hours of frustration unless you have this hintbook. Want to know how to get the dog into the hanging basket? Want to find out how to attach the melon? Buy this hintbook and it all becomes obvious.
-->--''VideoGame/SpaceQuest IV'', cheerfully [[LampshadeHanging hanging a lampshade]] on its own [[AdventureGame genre]] [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XwYlF1Ft1lA&feature=player_detailpage#t=725s]]

->'''Iolo''': "Remind me again why we're doing any of this?"\\
'''[[GenderBlenderName Steve]]''': "Obviously, to get the jawbone so that we can teleport to Monk Isle and get me a spellbook."\\
'''Iolo''': "But there's no way you would have '''known''' that Erstam had any such thing, or that it could get you there. You just arbitrarily decided we'd go look for the Mad Mage!"\\
'''Steve''': "Hey. [[PlayerCharacter Avatar]]. Trust me on this."
-->--LetsPlay VideoGame/UltimaVIIPartII: "[[http://lparchive.org/Ultima-VII-Part-2-Serpent-Isle/Update%2026/ Moonshade]]"

->'''Sonic:''' Up... and down? '''UP... AND DOWN?!?''' What the [[CurseCutShort f-]] *[[KilledMidSentence Time Over]]*
-->-- Sonic in '''SonicShorts''', voicing the frustrations of ''many'' players at the barrels in Carnival Night Zone Act 2 of ''Sonic3AndKnuckles''

->'''Strong Bad:'''Besides, everybody knows the way to save Senor Cardgage is to cut a bunch of motor sports magazines in half and pour gravy on a defibrillator.
-->-- [[WebAnimation/HomestarRunner A Decemberween Mackerel]]