Quotes / Grumpy Bear

"Look at you
And if I wanted to
I could see someone in there
Who’d like to be the happiest clam on the beach
But look at you
You’re the Angry Clown
Trying to push all the kids around
But there’s a flying horse that could change that course"
The Aquabats!, "Hey Luno!"

Colette: Our weapons are love!
Genis: Justice! And...
Kratos: ... Ugh... Hope.

Yuna: Gimmie a "Y"!
Rikku: Gimmie an "R"!
Paine: ...Gimmie a break.
Final Fantasy X-2, at the start of a random encounter.

"I'm not the cheeriest Care Bear in Care-a-Lot. Go figure."

"General disappointment is only warded off by the defense of some little peculiar vexation."
Elizabeth Bennet, Pride and Prejudice

"As a Canadian person, I never knew the greasy joy that is going to the Waffle House half-drunk on a Saturday night. We don’t have Waffle Houses up here (and please don’t ask if we have Waffle Igloos, because I really wish we did), so when I finally did get a chance to go to one, it was one of the best moments of my life. Yes, I cried. I cried sweet syrupy tears of happiness. Meanwhile, Eeyore’s cousin Kanye West goes to the Waffle House and sits there like a grumpy toddler who was just told “no more juice”...Kanye is such a difficult bitch. He is totally that friend who gets all mopey in the car because he wanted IHOP and everyone else voted for Waffle House. Then when they get to Waffle House, he throws a mini-tantrum because they don’t have butter pecan syrup and orders just water, I guess while everyone else gets ready to mouth-fuck an All-Star Special."
DListed, "Only Kanye West Could Be Grumpy About Going to the Waffle House"

Manny: I'll write.
Bernard: I won't read it.
Manny: Well, I'll call.
Bernard: I'll hang up.
Manny: [exasperated] I'll come and see you.
Bernard: I'll be dead by then.

I have seen some screws that I thought were almost saintly, and I think I know why that happens - they are able to see the difference between their own lives, poor and struggling as they might be, and the lives of the men they are paid by the state to watch over. These guards are able to formulate a comparison concerning pain. Others can't, or won't.
For Byron Hadley, there was no basis of comparison. He could sit there, cool and at his ease under the warm May sun and find the gall to mourn his own good luck while, less than ten feet away. a bunch of men were working and sweating and burning their hands on great big buckets filled with bubbling tar, men who had to work so hard in their ordinary round of days that this looked like a respite. You may remember the old question, the one that's supposed to define your outlook on life when you answer it. For Byron Hadley, the answer would always be half empty, the glass is half empty. Forever and ever, amen. If you gave him a cool drink of apple cider, he'd think about vinegar. If you told him his wife had always been faithful to him, he'd tell you it was because she was so damn ugly.