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Quotes: Griefer
"A single player won't address you as a fucking n00b,
Or claim that he will shag your mom or set alight your pubes
A single-player won't denounce your skill with language cruel,
Nor kill you for an easy point before you've learned the rules
A single-player does not take up space within your team
Ignoring the objectives and your loud frustrated screams
They don't lurk in stating zones once at the highest level
And butcher Lv. 1 players in a grand, grief-tastic revel
A single-player won't invade you while you play
Dark Souls,
Exploit a glitch and backstab you despite your combat rolls
A single-player won't hold you at gunpoint in
Poison you, and leave you with your nethers swinging free
They've never found the bungalow you're building in
And poured lava down the chimney while they laughed and laughed and laughed"

Jim & Yahtzee's Rhymedown Spectacular, One is Fun"

"This second ad from Mindfire Academy features career advice from a preteen cyber bully, America's most beloved genre of person... This little bastard is so unlikeable that I'm starting to understand why someone would want to tamper with children's aspirin."
Seanbaby, "The 6 Stupidest Video Game School Commercials"

"It was the Jurassic Park of griefers, except velociraptors were more welcoming because their little hands can't type "FAG" on a keyboard."
Cracked, The 7 Biggest Dick Moves in the History of Online Gaming

"The closest Iíve come to such a humbling journey of bonding and hardship is playing three straight games of Capture the Flag on Modern Warfare 2 with the same random group of people. Not that our mics were turned on. Although one of them did call me ďa gay black faggot,Ē which may count as brotherly bonding."

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