Quotes / Great Way to Go

Hey, he got off before he got offed!
A Detective, Basic Instinct

That's how I want to go.
What, muttering about meat pies?
No. Late.
Ridcully and another Wizard on Windle Poons, Reaper Man

I call my new word "sawesome"! Like sad and awesome? Someone dropped an arrow out of a plane and it nailed my friend in the eye and it was extremely sawesome?
T-Rex, Dinosaur Comics

This is a cool way to die!
Fry, Futurama, while being carried off by a robot pterodactyl.

They died with their boots on.
Sheriff Brady, Secondhand Lions

"They died at their post."

This is why I became an astronaut! To die like this! Exactly like this!
Cracked, 6 Super Friends Villains That Didn't Give a @#%*, by an astronaut on the moon as it hatched a giant monster.

Wait. Yes. This will be so ra-
King Radical note , The Adventures of Dr. McNinja